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The origins of Party Swizzle are a classic tale of making lemonade from lemons. Founder Ray Roark (that’s me!) graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration. By 2009, I owned a search engine optimization (SEO) company in Colorado and had countless hours of party planning and hosting experience. Life was good.   

Hawaiian Luau CEO Ray RoarkThen I received the sad news that my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I headed back to Maryville, Tennessee, to be with my family. While I was there, I realized that instead of helping other businesses improve their search engine rankings and rake in profits from my efforts, I could make the money myself. And a party business combined my expertise and passions perfectly.   

The party planning online site became a fun project for my whole family. My dad, Nelson, helped choose the original concepts. My mom, Carolyn, embroidered guest towels, put together orders, and stocked the inventory in her condo—which meant she had to remember where each of 600-plus items was tucked away. Brother Geoff processed product photos, niece Alicia wrote product descriptions, sister Karen became an investor, and sister Stephanie handled shipping.   

Initially we knew nothing about online retail, so the learning curve was huge. But that was just part of the fun. For example, we originally planned to provide complete party packages, with everything you’d need from theme soap to centerpieces to beverage napkins. That didn’t work. So we let customers create their own packages but offered suggestions and photos for inspiration. That model is still a winner!   

Party Swizzle Party Supplies Warehouse

After months spent writing party planning guides and building inventory, the first order of 20 Beaded Palm Tree Tealight Holders shipped on September 13, 2010. We soon outgrew the condo and moved into the current warehouse at 927 Woodland Street in Nashville. To give you even more choices for premium party goods, we needed to double that space in July 2013. But through it all, our vision has remained the same …   

Party On!   

We think a party should be fun for you from start to finish—from planning, shopping, decorating, and choosing music to hosting, serving, and thanking happy guests for coming. To help you every step of the way, offers precise planning and distinctive decorations.   

No matter why you throw a party, you want to show your friends and family a fantastic time. Do it right and you win your guests’ appreciation and admiration too.  

Mexican Centerpiece Party DecorationsWe have products and services ideal for first-time party givers and sought-after party planners. You’ll find unique ideas, detailed advice, and checklists to keep you organized. And when it’s time to decorate or serve, you can choose one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing items along with the basics. Our website has over 1200 pages of products and information to make sure we’re the only party resource you need.  

You’ll never find many of our unique products on other party sites. That’s part of what makes our job fun—the search for new and interesting decorations. To make sure you have access to the latest trends and designs, we constantly attend tradeshows, visit suppliers, study catalogs, and search the Internet.   

But the key to keeping your costs down is for us to buy products in bulk and negotiate extra-low prices. Once you find exactly what you need, we save you time and money with one-stop shopping and fast shipping.   

Since we founded Party Swizzle, none of us have worked a day. That’s how much fun we’re having. Whether we’re stocking decorations, packing boxes, or testing cocktail recipes, we’re smiling the whole time.   

We want your experience at to be just as exceptional. If there’s any way we can serve you better, please let us know. Our biggest motivation is happy customers—like you! 

Party On!

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