Football Themed Party Ideas

Whether you're planning a gathering for a college bowl game, NFL playoff or the super bowl these football themed party ideas are a winning combination.

Assemble the ranks of fellow football fans bedecked in spirited attire to talk smack and root for the home team, then raise the bar by with fondue and tapas-style selections. Everyone will be focused on the game, but win or lose, a great-tasting menu brings comfort to the soul. 
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Thanksgiving Fun Facts & Historical Trivia

Rocker Hand TurkeyFor your Thanksgiving holiday, we've assembled some unique turkey hand ideas, historical Thanksgiving trivia, and tips on dealing with family & vegetarians.
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Fall Trends - Home Decorating

Fall trends work beautifully with modern interior home decorating schemes. Fall Throw PillowsFurniture and walls painted in neutrals in shades of gray, black and white set the stage for colorful accents that can be switched out to incorporate colors, textures, and shapes of the season.  

Trends we're following for the fall season include autumn colors, decorative critters, metallic accents and organics & naturals...
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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas & Table Decorations

The Thanksgiving guests have been invited, the rooms have been strewn with decorations, and the menu has been determined. Glitzy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas All is almost well, with the exception of the dining table centerpiece. Luckily, Rae Lynn has a few Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to remedy this worrisome conundrum. 

A great fall centerpiece incorporates seasonal variety to enhance the ambiance while remaining tasteful and low-key. These variations on three centerpiece themes are budget-friendly and sophisticated, integrating both natural and man-made elements. 
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Fall Dinner Party Menu & Recipes

The colorful autumn landscape and frosty nip in the air this time of year seem to have most people in a cheerful mood after the long hot summer.  Hosting a fun dinner affair may be just the right remedy to recharge and reconnect with your favorite people before the holiday hustle and bustle begins.

Here is one of our favorite fall dinner party menus, along with recipes inspired by the season:

Cocktail Hour
Lemon Gingertini
Apple Cider with Spiced Rum

Hors d’oeuvre
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Tuna Crostini

Cheesy Pumpkin Soup

Poached Pear Salad

Apricot Glazed Duck
Roasted Potatoes

Apple-Raspberry Crisp

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Fall Decorating Ideas For the Autumn Season

October and November is the most dynamic time of the fall season as autumnal hues become more spectacular each passing day. It is a month of preparation for the holidays, the impending winter, and the closing of the year.

Fall Decorating Ideas Leaf VotivesPlanning and preparation are two of Rae Lynn’s favorite topics, especially when it comes to entertaining and hospitality. As the outside temperatures dip lower, people are brought indoors together for warmth, food, and fun, which coincidentally is the perfect recipe for a house party. 

Whether you are planning a casual family get-together or to show off gourmet cooking and cocktails, simple autumn-inspired fall decorating ideas will elevate the occasion. These room-by-room themes work well together as a whole-home makeover or as stand-alone projects.

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