Shhh...It’s A Surprise!

Here are five baby shower theme ideas that will give your party planning skills a chance to shine. Impress your mommy-to-be guest of honor by marching right along with plans for a beautiful event.

Nautical Baby Shower Theme Ideas (boy or girl)

Welcome the newest little crew mate with a stylish Nautical themed baby shower featuring adorable decor inspired by sailing the high seas. The conventional maritime patterns and hues like navy, red, and white stripes are perfect for either gender.
  • Themes
    • Ahoy It’s A Boy
    • Welcome Aboard
    • Baby on Board
  • Signature Food Ideas
  • Decorations
    • Front Door
      • “Welcome Aboard” Life Preserver to welcome the guests
    • Entryway
      • Make a small vignette on a table near the foyer, such as arranging a few striped wooden buoys and a 12” Wood Seagull on Piling with Rope figurine next to the guestbook
      • Decorate a large glass bottle and place it on the table as well with notecards and pencils ready for “Notes of Advice” 
    • Party Area
      • Add nautically-inspired decorations and accent lighting on side tables, shelves, and tables for a little dash of fun. Some cute choices include: Mini Monkey Fist Rope Knots, White Coral Chunk Centerpiece, wooden boats, sea shells, seabird figurines, Life Preserver Weight/Photo Holders, Striped Wooden Buoy
      • Display a nautical-themed “diaper cake” 
    • Centerpiece -- Serving, Gift or Dinner Table
      • Place a blue tablecloth on the table, then drape fishing net along the length of the table. Place seashells and starfish at intervals toward the middle of the table to create the impression of a freshly cast net 
      • Add colored-glass Mini Hurricane Lantern Candle Holders to the scene to incorporate soft lighting
      • Choose miniature wooden boat or lighthouse figurines to complete the scene
      • Create a serving table with a harbor scene as the backdrop, more details at here.
    • Guest Bathroom
      • Delight your guests with attractive themed soap like Lighthouses or Crab Shaped Soap. 
      • Offer Embroidered Hand Towels featuring nautical designs to enhance the theme
      • Place an adorable wooden fishing or sail boat replica on the counter for an extra touch
      • Shaped soaps also make great party favors.
Garden Party Baby Shower Theme Ideas (boy or girl)

For spring and summer baby showers, why not take advantage of gorgeous weather and blossoming gardens with a lovely outdoor Garden Party themed shower. From bugs and bees to flowers and trees, there are so many decorative directions this party could go.
  • Themes
    • Mother to “Bee” 
    • In Full Bloom
    • Flower Power
    • Growing Baby/Belly
  • Signature Food Ideas
  • Decorations
    • Front Door
      • Hang a delightful purple Wood Butterfly or yellow Flower “Welcome” sign on the front door 
      • And, a banner announcing the baby shower theme
      • Set cheerful 45” Giant Free-Standing Gerbera Daisies in a terracotta pot to one side to set the tone
    • Entryway
      • Spruce up the flower beds with attractive Folk Art Tin Flower Yard Stakes to enhance a floral theme
      • Add a Metal Dragonfly, Butterfly, Grasshopper, or Ladybug Garden Stake for an adorable critter theme
      • Include signage or playful sidewalk-chalk arrows to direct guests toward the party area if not using the front entrance
    • Party Area
      • Enliven the atmosphere by hanging Festive Pom-Poms and colorful Ceiling Swirls around the party area that will sway with the wind and glitter in the sun
      • Add bouquets of real flowers set off with Pastel Butterfly floral accents
      • Incorporate Spring Blossoms Floral Sprays, Glitterball Sprays, and Curly Sprays to accent bunches of living blossoms or place in vases of colored water for a unique and colorful contribution. 
      • Mini Lantern Candle Holders and Beaded Ladybug or Dragonfly Tealight holders add attractive accent lighting in a snap.
    • Centerpiece -- Serving, Gift or Dinner Table
      • Choose a white lace or light floral print table cloth for a clean, fresh impression
      • Place individualized potted flowers to the left of each place setting, inscribed with the names of guests to serve as placecards, table decor, and party favors
      • Use pinwheels or decorative plant picks and colorful taper candles in glass Flower Taper Candle Bases to add height
      • Place 9” Metal Potted Plant Sculptures at intervals for lovely pops of color
    • Guest Bathroom
      • Place hand towels featuring floral designs or the key color of your party
      • Use linen towels featuring colored satin hems 
      • Add a dash of Spring Tulip Garden Confetti and a floral bouquet to put those details on display
Western Baby Shower Theme Ideas (boy or girl)

Saddle up to celebrate the baby buckaroo who is soon to come bouncing into town. This theme is great for girls and boys alike; choose a gender neutral key color like teal or yellow, or swap out the key colors for pink and blue to turn it into a cowboy/cowgirl theme.
  • Themes
    • Howdy Baby
    • Happy Trails
    • Wanted: Baby [Lastname]
  • Signature Food Ideas
  • Decorations
    • Front Door
      • Hanging Chalkboard or Hand-Made sign welcoming guests to the shower
    • Entryway
      • Simple bouquets of brightly colored flowers in mason jars on a side table, next to a guestbook and bandana-wrapped party favors e.g. old fashioned candies, kettle corn
    • Party Area
      • Hang an adorable clothesline of western-inspired onesies behind the main serving or dining area 
      • Add colorful Mini Lantern Candle Holders
      • Electric lights like Cowboy Boots or Mason Jar string lights will spice up dark corners
      • Country Western Red Bandana Pennants and Hanging Chili Pepper Ristras add attractive wall decor
      • Include details like the 25” Weathered Metal Country Windmill Centerpiece and 13” Metal Armadillo Centerpiece 
    • Centerpiece -- Serving, Gift or Dinner Table
      • Plant a Weathered Oval Planter full of dark purple petunias
      • Decorate vignettes with mini hay bales, miniature cowboy boots, and mini cowboy hats atop colorful bandanas
      • Create a country serving table with a Flying Pig Weather Vane, Outhouse Birdhouse, Moonshine Jug Vase and Mini Hay Bales
      • Add cute Fancy Cowboy Boots Photo Holders with Western-themed phrases, motifs and/or dish names 
      • Use red gingham and Barn & Silo salt & pepper shakers
    • Guest Bathroom
      • Saguaro-cactus and cowboy boot shaped hand soaps along with embroidered hand-towels add continuity to the powder room
      • Attractive Metal Saguaro Cactus Votive Candle Holders will add a delightful themed surprise to the room while capturing the spirit of Western practicality
Pink Flamingo Baby Shower Theme Ideas (girl)

It’s A Girl! This little girls’ party is pretty in pink and adds a cute twist to the usual fun.
  • Themes
    • Tickled Pink
    • Oh Baby
    • Cute Chick
    • Princess Pink
  • Signature Food Ideas
  • Decorations
    • Front Door
      • String up Pink Flamingo String Lights around the doorframe so your guests will know they’ve picked the right spot
      • A welcome sign sporting the theme slogan is also a great addition
    • Entryway
      • Why, pink flamingo yard stakes of course! Check out the Retro Yard Pink Flamingos at as one great option
      • Add boas, beads, tiaras, and stork-like “baby bundles” hanging from their beaks for fabulous effect
    • Party Area
      • Sculptures and figurines like the 24” Painted Metal Flock of 5 Flamingos, a Pink Flamingo Glass Sculpture, and 12” Carved Balsa Wood Flamingo make attractive decorations for out-of-the way surfaces and shelves
      • Stuff a glass vase full of Hot Pink Metallic Beads for another pop of pink
      • Complete the effect with Hot Pink Ceiling Swirls or Paper Lanterns
    • Centerpiece -- Serving, Gift or Dinner Table
      • Put each place setting atop a coil of pink feather boa, and place a feather next to the name card in the center of each plate
      • Blossoming pink peonies placed in bud vases down the center of the table will add color without taking up too much space
      • Add Metal Pink Flamingo Votive Candle Holders and Beaded Palm Tree Tealights to the scene to enhance the atmosphere
      • Or, take a more subtle approach in pink & green, more details here.
    • Guest Bathroom
      • Green Palm Tree soaps
      • Embroidered Flamingo Hand Towels in the loo will make a good impression and show off your attention to detail
Under the Sea Baby Shower Theme Ideas (boy)

It’s A Boy! This stylish blue-themed party gives depth to the occasion with a hint of oceanic flavor.
  • Themes
    • Make a Splash
    • Under the Sea with Baby & Me
    • Oh Boy!
  • Signature Food Ideas
  • Decorations
    • Front Door
      • Wrap the door in teal and turquoise crepe streamers
      • Hang a welcome sign announcing the baby shower theme
    • Entryway
      • Find a small treasure chest and position it by the guestbook to receive your guests’ “pearls of wisdom” and advice to the new mom! 
      • Add some beautiful realistic fish figurines and sea shells for a stunning vignette
    • Party Area
      • Wall and hanging decorations like colorful Tropical Fish Wall Decor and Glass Jellyfish Windchimes will make a memorable impression of tasteful undersea decorating
      • Metal Sea Turtle Votive Candle Holders and Sea Shell String Lights will add effective atmospheric lighting
      • Royal Blue Round Paper Lanterns and Teal Ceiling Swirls will bring the lively scene together
    • Centerpiece -- Serving, Gift or Dinner Table
      • Drape the wall behind the serving or dining table with blue and white streamers
      • Add white paper circle or helium-filled iridescent balloon “bubbles” of varying diameters floating upward toward the ceiling
      • Arrange food and table decorations in an underwater scene  
      • Bleached Starfish and elegant sea shells add just the right amount of authenticity 
      • Bobble statuettes like the Bouncing Fish in Grass and Bouncing Octopus keep the mood lighthearted!
    • Guest Bathroom
      • Go the extra decorating mile by providing delightful Sea Horse and Scallop Shaped Soaps
      • And matching beautiful embroidered hand towels featuring a seahorse and scallop shell to really wow the crowd
What are your favorite baby shower theme ideas?

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