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Birthday Party

Original Birthday Party Ideas For Your Guest of Honor


Your guest of honor will be ecstatic when you and your party guests conspire to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a chorus of himself.  Simple to execute and fun for everyone. 

To make the faces:
  1. Choose a clear picture of your guest of honor smiling and facing the camera.
  2. Crop and size the picture to print on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and the face is about the size of a person' head.
  3. Print the picture on white card stock.
  4. Cut out each head from the printed picture.
  5. Use a hole punch or ink pen to make a whole through the center of each eye.  Staple the head shot to the end of a paint stirrer (readily available at home improvement stores).
  6. Make sure the head size and eye holes are right, then make as many as you need.
To execute:
  1. Tell the guest of honor just to sit still and wait for a moment.
  2. Take your guests to another room and hand out their birthday faces.
  3. Have everyone hold the birthday faces up and return while singing happy birthday
Timeline Mural

A timeline mural will make a great gift from everyone at the party, while adding a participatory element of entertainment and conversation for all guests.  The concept is a large timeline mural of events, photos and comments by you, party guests, and key people that could not attend the party.

Your job is to create the platform, inspiration, and tools for your guests to add their own comments, ideas, and humor to the final creation.  Start by selecting major events in your guest of honor's life to include.  These will provide reference points for others to add their own key events to your timeline.

Using a long piece of white mural paper, chart your timeline along the bottom.  Add photos, newspaper headlines, and drawings in the white space above and draw a line to connect them to the appropriate position on the timeline below. Include events and photographs that involve others in the guest of honor's life, especially those attending the birthday party.

You may want to use a theme for the mural to create a background and cutouts for additions.  For example, make a white picket fence on a green background to create a garden setting.

Make cutouts of different colored flowers, butterflies, bees, etc. to mark key events and hold photos.  Use a green marker to draw a flower stem to connect the event to the timeline.  Add blank flower cutouts to complete the garden look and provide spaces for your guests to add their personal events and comments. Other themes could be Life's Road or Time Of [name]'s Life.

Add your personal events and quotes between you and the birthday boy or girl to the timeline.  Use markers to draw pictures and decorations to your personal additions to the mural. A less finished look here will encourage others to be creative with their drawings.

Email key people that cannot attend the party and ask them for personal events or comments they would like to include about them and the guest of honor.  Add these to the timeline.

For the party, hang the mural in an easily accessible location for each guest to make their additions.  Put out extra cutouts, colored markers, glue, scissors, construction paper, glitter, confetti, tape, and other art supplies you would like to include.

Fun With Photos

To create a collection of photos that both your guest of honor and your party guests will enjoy, ask each invitee to email (or mail) a copy of their favorite photo of themselves with the guest of honor. 

If they don't have a photo of both of them, have them send one of themselves. Emphasize to those that cannot attend in person that the photo will still make a great birthday memory.

Photo Book:  Use the photos to make a photo book as a gift. A photo book with a framed picture on the outside makes a great party decoration that everyone will enjoy.  After the party replace the front picture with one from the party.

Wall Photos:  Print and frame each photo in matching 8-1/2 x 11 frames.  Cover a prominent wall or hallway with the photos for all guests to see.

Photo Frames:  Put the photos in grouped and individual photo frames and place them in visible locations throughout your home.

Fish Net:  Hang a fish net along a wall. Print each photo and clip randomly in the fish net. Obviously, this is ideal for a beach or under the sea party, but works for any theme  Add additional theme-related props like your happy birthday banner, a few ceiling swirls, party hats, hornblowers, streamers, birthday cutouts, etc.

Birthday Party Fireplace MuralTheme Mural

The seasonal display allows you to build a tribute to the guest of honor from elements contributed by your invitees.  Similar to the Timeline Mural above, the idea is to create a mural or decoration based on a specific theme or season. Guests will make thier personal contribution in the form of a pre-determined shape to be added to the mural.

You put together the scene to display each guest's creation.  Here are some ideas:

Winter Fireplace: 

Attach brown paper to the wall from the floor to the ceiling to create a background.  Add the black fireplace with logs and fire. For an extra creative touch, make the fire spell "Happy Birthday". Attach stone-shaped cutouts from appropriately colored construction paper to build the fireplace.

Email each invitee with instructions to decorate their attached stone cutout with a photo, comments, birthday wishes or in any way they would like to pay tribute to the birthday honoree. 

From a variety of stone shape templates, randomly select one to attach to each invitee email.  Specify that they may create it digitally and return it by email.  Or they may print it out and bring it with them, mail it to you, or take a picture and email the photo to you.

Replace each blank fireplace stone with one sent to you.  Set boots, skis, and a few pieces of wood by the fireplace as added props.

More ideas:
  • Snowflakes:  Hanging from the ceiling or on a vertical silver-blue metallic background.
  • Spring Garden:  Make a horizontal sky background with flower cutouts. For extra creativity add clouds that spell Happy Birthday, a sun, grass, and white picket fence. Put a strip of green carpet on the floor in front of the mural sprinkled with flower petals.
  • Autumn Leaves:  Create a vertical fall scene of the sky and ground, with a tree rising up the left side. Use leaf cutouts for each guest to decorate.  Lay a few real or silk leaves on the floor in front of the scene.
  • Summer Beach:  Create a beach scene of sand, sun and the ocean.  Use beach accessories as cutouts, such as shells, beach chairs, a sand pail, sand castle, etc.  Write "Happy Birthday" in the sand.
  • Under the Sea:  Create an underwater scene on a blue background.  Use fish and sea life cutouts.  Draw coral to spell Happy Birthday.
Birth Year 

Create a vignette or scene of items and events from the honoree's birth year.  Start with a picture of the birthday boy or girl in the center.  Include items and products you can find from the time period around that year. 

Print out newspaper headlines for the birth date, as well as for other events that occurred that year.  Add photos that capture the spirit of the period, such as hairstyles, cars, and fashion.