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Birthday Party

More Birthday-Theme Party Decorating Tips

Wall of Color

Transform the atmosphere of any room to playful with a rainbow wall of color. This simple trick uses tulle fabric to create a dramatic effect for little cost or effort.  You can change the impact with different color combinations:  
  • Dark blue, light blue and teal for water
  • Red and yellow or red and white for circus
  • Black and gold for magic
  • Red, orange and yellow for sunshine
  • Dark green, light green and brown for nature
  • Red and black for pirate and western
Obviously, consider your wall color if you are leaving spaces between the tulle.

What you need: 
  • Painter's or masking tape for drywall; duct tape for concrete. 
  • Self-adhesive 3/4" Velcro tape, the length of the wall width to cover. 
  • Tulle fabric for each color strip: 
    • You will need twice the height that you wish to cover and 48 inches wide. For example, for a 7.5 foot height, we bought 15 feet (5 yards x 48 inches). 
    • Decide the width of each color strip and spacing between, then calculate how many strips of tulle you need. We made each strip 10 inches wide with 10-inch spacing between; our 8 colors covered a wall 14 feet wide. 
How to do it:

  1. Apply the painter's tape along the top of the wall or area to cover. 
  2. Apply the hook side of self-adhesive Velcro tape in the center of the painter's tape. 
  3. Press the short side of the tulle onto the Velcro; tulle is super-lightweight and very easy to handle. The tulle will stick to the Velcro hooks, without using the Velcro loop (fuzzy) side. The easiest way to do this is: 
    1.  Attach the right corner of the tulle's short side to the Velcro's right starting point of your strip width. 
    2. Attach the left corner of the tulle's short side to the Velcro's left ending point of your strip width. 
    3. Find the center of the tulle between the two attached ends, then attach to the center of the Velcro, between the starting and ending points. Attaching the center will ensure a more even distribution of fabric across the strip width.
    4. Find the corresponding start, end and center on the other end of the tulle and attach them to the Velcro in the same positions. 
    5. At this point, the short ends of the tulle will be parallel, so you can attach them at the same time. 
    6. Create ruffles by letting out small lengths of fabric then attach, moving down the length of Velcro. 
  4. Repeat for each strip.
That's it, done!

Submersible LED Ice Cubes & Floralytes 

Add submersible LED ice cubes in purple, orange, green white, red, pink, and blue to cocktails or water glasses for a fun and original splash of color. This unique drink accessory is safe, non-toxic, and FDA-approved.
LED Ice Cubes

Naturally, these reusable ice cubes are waterproof and are shipped with the batteries included.  Each cube has four settings: steady-on, flash, fast-blink, and off.

In addition to LED ice cubes, you may want to use submersible LED floralytes in flower vases to create areas of glowing colors throughout your home.  Floralytes are available in a number of colors and typically only have an on and an off setting.


Use evite to find more distinctive birthday party invitations that will create excitement. Then use Facebook to send a follow-up of the details, otherwise your birthday party invite is more likely to get lost in the Facebook clutter.  For a birthday dinner party, a personal telephone call with a follow-up email of the details is recommended.

More details on inviting guests at Cocktail Party Planning and Dinner Party Planning.

Personal attire

Set the tone by decorating yourself in the spirit of your event.  Not only does this reinforce your theme, but it also lightens the mood and makes your guests more comfortable. 

Furthermore, when you make this extra effort, your guests will want to get in on the fun by dressing up for your future parties. This is how your great parties will become more spectacular over time.

You can make it as dressy or casual as you want your party to be. For your birthday theme use lots of color or take it to another level and dress up as a cupcake or birthday gift. 


Carry the birthday theme throughout your home with color.  Dig out everything you can find to create a neutral background then accent with splashes of bright purple, orange, green, red, yellow, and pink.  You will be amazed at how much you can create without buying a thing.


Clear vases are another portable way to add color to a dull spot. For a birthday-theme party fill clear vases and bowls with brightly colored M&Ms and/or jelly beans. Alternatively, use colored marbles, glass balls, stones, or ornaments.

In addition, group a collection of similar vases and place one brightly colored Gerbera daisy in each.  Or use colored water with a single white flower in each.

Picture Frames 

Group photo picture frames together with 1) brightly colored scrapbook paper in individual frames, 2) print out theme-related photos for each frame, such as confetti, birthday cake, balloons, gifts, etc. 3) print out photos of the birthday boy or girl for each frame, include photos with guests invited to the party.

More photo suggestions in birthday ideas.


Flowers are always a nice touch and are appropriate for any occasion.  Create a confetti effect by building a large bouquet of white carnations with a few randomly inserted solid color flowers.  Use bright colors like purple, orange, pink, red, blue, green and yellow; the color will stand out against the white background.

Alternatively, buy a few stems of brightly colored Gerbera daisies and use in bud vases in a few choice locations.

Bar Backdrop

If the kitchen or an unsightly area is behind your bar, hang a double window bamboo shade from the ceiling as a backdrop. Not only will you add style to your bar service and party atmosphere, but you will keep your preparation of surprises hidden.  You can easily roll the shade up and down as needed and reuse for all of your parties.

Cupcake Tree

In keeping with your birthday theme, a cupcake tree makes a bright and delicious way to offer special birthday treats. Put your tree in an easily accessible location to be revealed later when you are ready to serve.  Pipe frosting letters or buy candy letters for each cupcake to write a personal birthday message for your guest of honor.

Floating Candles

Dress up the guest bathroom further with floating candles in your bathtub. Sprinkle rose petals on the water for an added touch of soft elegance. 

Bubble Making Machine

Continue your playful birthday theme with a bubble-making machine. Bubbles are entertaining and a great way to lift the spirit of the party even higher. Wait until a lull in the action, the lighting of the birthday candles, or just when you feel the moment is right to introduce your bubbles surprise.

Or place the bubble-making machine high behind the bar and serve our Bubblicious Birthday Signature Cocktail or Bubblegum Martini found in birthday cocktail ideas.


Depending upon the tone of your party, a pinata is a fun distraction for an adult party too. Fill your pinata with a variety of mini liquor bottles (airplane size) for an extra surprise that your guests will appreciate.