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Birthday Party

Birthday Party Themed Musical Additions For Your Playlist

Music is a key factor in setting the mood at your party and should be planned with care. We have provided:
  • Guidelines for selecting songs for your playlist
  • Suggestions for a Birthday party
Guidelines for Building Your Playlist

For any type of cocktail party, it is strongly recommended that you prearrange a list of songs. Choose a mix of popular songs, recognizable standards, and your personal favorites. Here are our guidelines for selecting your playlist songs:
  • Choose upbeat tempos for a light and happy mood
  • Mix genres to appeal to all tastes
  • Vary styles to add interest
  • Contrast artists for diversity and to avoid sameness
and for a Birthday party:
  • Interject tunes in the spirit of your birthday theme, about 1 every 20 minutes or every 5-6 songs.
  • Add humor and nostalgia for surprises & smiles
Edit your song list by:
  • Eliminating songs 4 minutes or longer
  • Include only one song per group or artist
For a dinner party, you may select a list of songs and play your list on shuffle.  You may want to choose a list for the pre-dinner cocktail hour and a separate list during dinner. 

For more about making a general playlist refer to Cocktail Party Planning: Making Music and Dinner Party Planning: Selecting the Music.

Musical Suggestions For A Birthday Party

Apply the same suggestions above for selecting theme-related songs as for building your playlist.  Choose upbeat, fast tempos to maintain the party spirit. Do not include songs over 4 minutes long and incorporate only one song per any single artist into your playlist.

Generally look for a variety including:
  • Famous theme-related songs like Marilyn Monroe's Happy Birthday, Mr. President
  • Birthday or party songs recorded by a popular artist, like the Beatles' Birthday
  • Humorous songs, like Disney's Happy Birthday, Princess!
  • Hit songs by current artists, like 50 cent's In Da Club
  • Nostalgic/retro recordings, like Lesley Gore's It's My Party
  • Content related songs, Patrick Hernandez's Born To Be Alive
Here are some songs to consider for your playlist:

Birthday Songs
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. President, Marilyn Monroe
  • Birthday, Beatles
  • 16 Candles, The Crests
  • Happy Birthday, Stevie Wonder
  • Happy Birthday, Princess!, Disney
  • Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby, The Tuneweavers
  • Happy Birthday To Me, Cracker
  • Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Altered Images
  • Happy Birthday, Sweet 16, Neil Sedaka
  • Happy Birthday, Concrete Blond
  • In Da Club (Party Like It's Your Birthday), 50 Cent
  • Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend), Voltaire
Birthday Theme & Content Related Songs
  • It's My Party, Lesley Gore
  • Let's Get This Party Started, Shirley Bassey (recommended) or Pink
  • Tardy For The Party, Kim Zolciak
  • Celebration, KC & the Sunshine Band
  • Party In The USA, Miley Cyrus
  • Party, Boston
  • Party, Elvis Presley
  • Born To Be Alive, Patrick Hernandez
  • Born To Be Wild, Steppenwolf
  • Born In The USA, Bruce Springsteen
  • Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
Find more information about making a musical party playlist in Cocktail Party Planning.