Adults Can Have Fun Too! Whimsical Birthday Party

Create a delightful birthday party for adults by combining whimsical elements of childhood memories with lots of color. Whether you are planning dinner, cocktails and/or dessert, this birthday theme is a hit for anyone that was once a kid.
whim·si·cal - (wim'zi-kul), adjective 

1. playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.

2. tending toward odd, erratic or unpredictable behavior; acting on a sudden wish or desire.

With this definition in mind, we've used a variety of shapes, colors, patterns and fun motifs.
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Birthday Decorating Ideas For Adults

Today's birthday decorating ideas for adults are a sure way to create a fashionable celebration that will make the guest of honor feel special. 

When planning a party, I like to brainstorm three categories of decor to get my creative juices flowing. Specifically:
  • Motifs
  • Color
  • Theme
The result is a pulled-together look that elevates the occasion and guides my decorating purchases. 
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Holiday Decorating for December Birthdays

Holiday Birthday DecorationsIf you, or someone you know, has a birthday in December, you know how easy and often the special day is overshadowed or included into Christmas and holiday festivities. 

Competing parties, hectic schedules and everyone's travel plans make it difficult for a big event, but you can make the day special with our tips for holiday decorating for December birthdays.

Instead of decorating throughout, designate a special party zone, such as the breakfast nook, dinner table, bar and/or small party area, and decorate in a contrasting theme.  Use distinctive color, birthday, or secular winter decorations to differentiate the celebration from holiday and Christmas distractions.
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