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Unique & Tasteful Birthday Centerpieces & Dinner Decorations

Transform a birthday dinner into an unforgettable event with engaging centerpieces and decorations that are fun and tasteful. Choose from coordinated theme decor for the dinner table, pre-dinner cocktail hour, front entrance, lighting, and bathroom. offers dinner birthday party decorations for the following themes & colors or mix & match to create your own:

Fashionable Whimsy - Birthday Theme Dinner Party

Whimsical and stylish, the birthday theme centerpiece is bright and colorful combining key elements symbolic of birthdays like gifts, cupcakes, birthday cakes, streamers, balloons, stars, beads and lots of cheerful color that can be used over and over for many birthday parties to come.

A large multi-colored HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign of letters & "balloons" creates an attractive centerpiece focal point coordinated with multi-colored HAPPY BIRTHDAY cocktail napkins at each plate.

Dramatic glitterball or curly sprays in hot pink, teal blue, moss green, bright yellow, and vibrant orange create an atmosphere of fun, while a ceramic cupcake and small wrapped gifts or larger designer gifts add unique accents. Or use delicious-looking decorated cupcake candles.

Wrap white dinner napkins with bright metallic multi-colored party beads for unique napkin rings that make festive necklaces for dinner.  A pair of wrapped gift salt & pepper shakers on a tray continue the theme. 

Scatter a few pieces of metallic cake party confetti of green & blue streamers, pink stars, red balloons, and gold birthday cakes on a white tablecloth for a special finishing touch.

Decorate the bar area for the pre-dinner cocktail area with brightly colored metal birthday sculptures or parfait cardholders to hold a birthday greeting or drinks being served. Also, greet the birthday boy or girl and guests with 1 or 5 hammered metal balloon-shaped yard stakes.

Serve cocktails with colorful "Happy Birthday" cocktail napkins featuring a border of stylish colors coordinated with your decorations. Add LED colored ice cubes in cocktails or dinner water glasses for another easy to execute surprise to delight your guests.

And, if you're looking to really turn up the festivity factor add birthday ceiling swirls. And for the guest of honor, a birthday cake hat complete with "lit" candles.

Then skip the ubiquitous birthday candles and wow your guests with a closed flower birthday candle that opens into fourteen burning candles and spins around playing "Happy Birthday" to complete a memorable event for someone special.

For more birthday theme dinner party decorating for the bathroom, including birthday towels, a birthday octopus, and octopus shaped soaps; and lighting with cupcake string lights and colorful votive candle holders in Birthday Theme Decorations.

Cheerful Elegance - Chefs Birthday Dinner Party

The Chefs birthday centerpiece combines dinner decorations of cooking, food, and chefs. And best of all, these stylish decorations can be used over and over for virtually any themed dinner party.

A large chef centerpiece creates a dramatic focal point coordinated with black & white checked cocktail napkins at each plate to match the chef's checkered pants.  Brightly colored vegetable candles add color and excitement to the dinner party centerpiece.

Wrap white dinner napkins with bright red party beads for unique napkin rings that make festive necklaces for dinner.  A pair of Italian chefs with wine make a delightful set of salt & pepper shakers.  Scatter a few pieces of red tomato confetti on the white tablecloth as a finishing touch.

Decorate the bar area for the pre-dinner cocktail area with chef figures like the 3 chefs with groceries, a chef holding a "Kitchen Open" sign, and lettered blocks that spell G-O-U-R-M-E-T.  Hang a ceramic chili pepper ristra on the front door to greet your dinner guests.

Make this gourmet dinner party even more special with a few extras for the birthday boy or girl including a metallic Happy Birthday banner, red ceiling swirls, Happy Birthday picks, and a musical spinning flower candle to top the birthday cake.

For more chefs dinner party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Chefs Theme Decorations.  Or checkout these chefs birthday dinner party decorating packages:

Casual Fun - Beach Surfer Birthday Dinner Party

For a birthday dinner party with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, decorate your table with a beach or surfer theme centerpiece. A beach birthday dinner party sets a sunny & upbeat tone with lots of inspiration for fun and conversation for your guests.

Bring together interesting elements of a day surfing at the beach for a centerpiece. Here we have a VW Bus with surfboards, two beach shore birds, a sandcastle, pail & shovel salt & pepper shakers, and a collection of real shells complete the scene.

Add a bit of shimmer and interest with metallic confetti shaped like seahorses, shells, waves, fish, and starfish. For a bit of humor, stand a beach parasol in the center of each plate, anchored with a gummy fish.

Set the tone for your beach birthday dinner party with beach decorations for the pre-dinner cocktail hour.  Include a "Board Meeting" display of 3 surfboards in the sand or a lifeguard chair along with surfboard cocktail napkins. A cute set of flip-flop candles and drink parasols add to the beach fun.

Transform the beach party scene into a birthday celebration with a few extras for the occasion. A deep sea birthday banner and beach-themed ceiling swirls continue the theme with special touches for the guest of honor. A birthday cake hat, Happy Birthday picks, and a musical flower birthday candle for the dessert will interject the birthday theme throughout the evening.

For more beach/surfer party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Beach Theme Decorations.

Tropical Paradise -
Hawaiian Luau Birthday Dinner Party

The Hawaiian Luau dinner party is a traditional favorite because the relaxed lighthearted mood encourages your guests to interact and have fun. The luau and tiki party refer to a Polynesian-inspired tropical island theme with a wide range of decorating options.

Create a tropical paradise dinner party atmosphere centered around a charming pair of coconut characters. A coconut hula girl and her monkey sidekick will delight your guests are relax the mood. Cut two leis to create garlands of flowers to interlace down the table center.

Metallic palm tree weights or tiki gods on each end of your centerpiece will add interest. A parrot and palm tree salt & pepper shaker set is a perfect complement to the Hawaiian Luau dinner party scene.

Lay a lei over the back of your dining chairs for each guest to wear. Finally, sprinkle some tropical-inspired metallic confetti of cockatoos, pineapples, and palm trees down the center of the table.

Decorate the pre-dinner cocktail bar or drink area with a tiki god statue and tiki god beverage napkins. Brightly colored drink parasols are always a hit with tropical drinks. Drape the bar or drink table with a grass table skirt to add to the island atmosphere.

Create a birthday luau dinner party by adding a few extras for the occasion, like Hibiscus flower swirls, a colorful birthday banner, a birthday cake hat, birthday picks, and a musical flower birthday candle for the dessert course.

For more Hawaiian Luau Tiki party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Hawaiian Luau Theme Decorations

Old-Style Mexican Fiesta Birthday Dinner Party

A Mexican Fiesta dinner party combines the colorful traditions of Mexico with the festivity and fun of a South of the Border vacation to create a casual and comfortable dinner party atmosphere. A Mexican dinner party offers a wide range of decorating and menu options to fit any budget and style.

Create a rustic Mexican centerpiece with a touch of elegance featuring a pair of Saguaro cactus candlesticks. Use a colorful Mexican blanket (serape) down the center of your table.  Add a miniature Mexican sombrero and a set of hand-painted Mexican maracas.

A cactus and sombrero salt & pepper shaker set make a unique and interesting detail for your dinner setting. Sprinkle metallic confetti  to say "fiesta" with random glimmers of maracas, sombreros, and chili peppers.

For the pre-dinner margarita hour, create anticipation with a few key decorations for the bar.  A ceramic chili pepper with a cowboy hat is a subtle nod to your Mexican theme.

Then serve cocktails on Mexican Fiesta beverage napkins featuring a tequila worm relaxing in a margarita glassMexican toothpick flags make a nice, unexpected detail. Finally, brighten the mood with a set of margarita string lights and red chili pepper string lights along the bar.

Incorporate the birthday celebration into the Mexican theme with red chili pepper ceiling swirls and Felizcum Pleanos letter candles for the birthday cake. Add a Happy Birthday banner and some randomly placed Happy Birthday picks and you have a very special Mexican Birthday Dinner Party.

For more Mexican Fiesta party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Mexican Fiesta Theme Decorations.

Spiffy Charm - Nautical Birthday Dinner Party

Create a slightly formal setting with the crisp, clean look of a nautical dinner party. With items related to seaman, navigation, and ships, decorate with white and navy and red and/or gold accents.

For a nautical dinner party centerpiece, use model ships like the mounted sail boat, white shrimper, and mounted commercial fishing boat here.  Red and green LED accent lights make cute channel markers.

A fisherman and lighthouse salt and pepper shaker set make an interesting addition to the scene. Use red taper candles for color, then scatter sailboat confetti in metallic red, blue and silver for a shimmer of festivity.

Decorate the yacht club bar area for the pre-dinner cocktails with a wooden sailboat, St. Augustine, FL, or Assateague, VA, lighthouse, and a stern carved wood captain. Serve drinks with striped, sailboat beverage napkins.

Make it a nautical birthday dinner party with wavy blue ceiling swirls and a metallic Happy Birthday banner. Add Happy Birthday picks in hors d'oeuvres, garnishes, or in the birthday boy or girl's entree. A birthday cake hat and musical flower birthday candle for the dessert course will make this a birthday dinner that won't be forgotten.

 For more nautical dinner party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Nautical Theme Decorations

Elegant Kitsch - Pink Flamingo Birthday Dinner Party

Elegant and flamingos have never been more hip and stylish! These birds are chic and sleek and certainly a step up from the party down the block, elevating the interest level in your guest list. The unique and elegant pink flamingo party decorations hold pleasant surprises for all invited, which of course, reflects upon the good taste of their host.

Center your dinner party around a candelabrum of palm trees with pink candles. Position 4 unique beach flamingos milling about underneath the trees.

A sleek set of pink flamingo salt & pepper shakers add an understated elegance to the scene. Step up the fun factor with metallic confetti of palm trees, suns, and pink flamingos (of course).

Decorate the bar area with a Pink Flamingo Lounge sign or an elegant glass pink flamingo sculpture. Serve cocktails with beverage napkins featuring a glamored up pink flamingo ready to party!

Incorporate pink birthday decorations to create an very special birthday dinner party. Hang a large pink glittered Happy Birthday banner and iridescent ceiling swirls to create a celebratory atmosphere.

Add a pink birthday cake hat and pink musical flower candle to coordinate your pink flamingo and birthday theme. Finally, randomly place Happy Birthday picks throughout the evening for a surprise here and there to make your guest of honor feel extra special.

For more pink flamingo dinner party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Pink Flamingo Theme Decorations.  Or checkout our pink flamingo dinner party decorating package:
Delightfully Nostalgic Retro Birthday Dinner Party

What better way to celebrate a birthday with a look back at the past, and the retro birthday dinner party

These irresistibly cute and colorful retro snack people create a fun atmosphere while adding charm and nostalgia as the centerpiece for your Retro dinner party.  A diner salt & pepper set features a 50's style jukebox and diner booth. Sprinkle retro daisy confetti down the center of your table for a dash of Flower Power!

For the bar and pre-dinner cocktail hour, position an animal print lamp in zebra, cheetah, or leopard. Add a miniature lava lamp as a cool, retro accent and conversation piece. Serve cocktails with leopard print beverage napkins.

Commemorate the birthday occasion with hanging retro rock n roll 45 record ceiling swirls and a metallic Happy Birthday banner. Use Happy Birthday food picks in food and drink garnishes for good wishes and smiles. Then honor your special guest with a birthday cake hat and a spinning musical flower candle on a real cake.

For more retro dinner party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Retro Theme Decorations

Stylish Subtlety -
Under the Sea Birthday Dinner Party

Impress your guests with a subtle, understated approach to the Under the Sea theme.  Combine stylish and artful pieces that capture the beauty of life under the sea.

Create a slightly formal setting with sea life icons of a seahorse, starfish, and nautilus shell, painted with antique silver foil finish and mounted on black wood stands. Real tiger cowrie shells make a very unique pair of salt & pepper shakers.

Add the colors of the sea with mosaic votive candle holders. Let your guests know they can have fun with a few sprinkles of metallic sea life confetti of starfish, waves, seahorses, shells, and fish confetti.

Go all out with decorations for the bar including a bright red coral chunk. Add accents of colorful tropical fish displays of the Moorish Idol, Powder Blue Tang, and Blue Butterfly fish

Hang a jellyfish wind chime for a truly unique and memorable "underwater" decoration.  Serve cocktails with oceanic themed beverage napkins featuring an underwater scene of sea turtles, tropical fish, and coral.

To create a memorable birthday event, hang deep sea streamers and/or wavy blue ceiling swirls. Announce the occasion with a  deep sea bannerHappy Birthday picks add a nice surprise to honor the birthday boy or girl. Then serve the birthday cake with a spinning musical flower candle for a unique presentation of your dessert course.

For more sea life dinner party decorating for the bar, bathroom, lighting and entrance see Under the Sea Theme Decorations

Easy, Effective & Economical - Color Theme Birthday Dinner Parties

Color themes are easy to execute, effective in making an impression, and economical in cost. Find just the right color or color combinations to create a memorable dinner party event.

Add colored extras to an existing theme or create your own theme. Save shopping time and buy unique detailed party decorations that your guests will certainly notice at

Checkout coordinated party decorations in these 9 colors:

  • Black & White Party
  • Blue Party
  • Green Party
  • Orange & Party
  • Hot Pink Party
  • Purple Party
  • Red Party
  • Teal & Aqua Party
  • Yellow & Gold & Party