Cinco de Mayo celebration is almost here and Rae Lynn is thinking about Mexican-inspired party decorations! Here are some stylish decorating tips for incorporating festive decor with a Mexican flair into the party atmosphere. 

We've included a scheme for each of the major areas that may be utilized for a home-based Cinco de Mayo celebration. However, they are easily adapted for use in other venues using just a little bit of creativity. 

Front Entrance 

Illuminate the entryway with a strand of glowing Red Chili String Lights to set the tone right off the bat. Place a Hanging Chili Pepper Ristra on the front door to spice up the decor and don’t forget the a red or green Painted Metal Wreath Holder to fasten it securely. 

Go all out and hang Red, White, and Green Fabric Bunting on the fence or front porch railing. Chances are you’ll have the most unique and festive doorway on the block.


Transform the foyer into a fiesta by hanging Mexican-inspired paper lanterns from the ceiling for a splash of color without cluttering up the space. If you have a table handy, arrange a pair of Vintage Style Mexican Maracas next to a 12” Eiffel Tower Vase filled with natural flowers or a bouquet of fun Mexican Hand-Made Ruffled Paper Flowers. 

Fill a decorative bowl or basket with Metallic Chili beads and bequeath them to guests as they arrive. 

Living Room 

String up a Mexican Flag Border along a distant wall for a festive reminder of Mexican history, and place Green, Red, and White Votive Holders on end tables. Place Vintage-Style Mexican Marionette Puppets on book shelves and the mantle-piece for a delightful, out-of-the way surprise. Add Red and Green Ceiling swirls to enliven the scene. 

Dining Room 

Even if you are not hosting a dinner party, a themed centerpiece is always apropos. You can always use the dining room as coat and purse storage, or remove chairs and place hors d’oeuvres trays after being passed, for wandering guests to scavenge. 

Place a pair of Saguaro Cactus Votive Candlesticks and scatter colorful Mexican Ole Confetti. Intersperse 6” Mini Charro Sombreros, Vintage Maracas and Palm Tambourines to showcase a collection of Mexican tradition.

Use decorative Blooming Cactus in Pots and Mexican Sombrero and Jug Salt & Pepper sets, along with Mexican Striped Serape Placemats for an attractive dash of color. Alternately, set off the centerpiece by placing everything on a Mini Mexican Serape down the center of the table. 

Bar Area 

Hang a Del Sol (Of the Sun) Mexican Flag Banner behind or over the bar and serve cocktails with Del Sol Beverage Napkins. Alternately, affix a Mini Mexican Serape or Cinco de Mayo banner along the wall behind the bar for a space-conscious theme decoration. 

Hang Mexican Marionette Puppets over the bar or position on the bar top with a Red Macaw Parrot and a Chili Pepper Canister full of Mexican candies like Tamarindo lollipops, Dulce de Leche candies, and chocolates for a South of the Border treat. Serve cocktails with Chili Pepper beverage napkins.

Fill a clear glass vase with Metallic Red Chili Beads and place an 11” x 18” Rayon Mexican Flag in the middle of them to create a colorful display. Use Metal Saguaro Cactus Votive Candle Holders and a set of Cacti in Terracotta Pots Salt & Pepper Shaker, then serve cocktails on Blue Sky Hummingbirds & Cactus beverage napkins. 

Be sure to have frozen Green, White, and Red Submersible LED Ice cubes for margaritas. Dress up Dos Equis, Tecate or any beer bottle with Mexican Serape Beer Ponchos & Miniature Charro Sombreros. Skewer garnishes and hors d'oeuvres with Mexican and/or California toothpick flags in keeping with the theme (see history below).

And finally, light up the night with multi-colored Margarita Electric String Lights hung from the bar top to beckon thirsty guests to the watering station. Then, scatter the bar top with Mexican-themed confetti. 

Guest Bathroom 

Adding a few small trinkets to decorate guest bathroom goes a long way in showing your attention to detail. A pair of adorable Mini Mexican Hand-Painted Bobble Turtle accompanied by an elegant Metal Saguaro Cactus Votive Holder and a sprinkle of confetti is just the right touch to dress up the space. 

A set of Mexican Embroidered Hand Towels featuring a stylized sun and saguaro cactus will delight your guests, complemented by Saguaro Cactus and Sun shaped soaps. 

Cinco de Mayo Celebration History

Here is a bit of holiday history that might come in handy the next time you need to fill an awkward silence. Spanish for “the fifth of May,” Cinco de Mayo commemorates a battle for the cause of freedom in California during the American Civil War. 

Before California became an American state, the Mexican territory had just drafted a constitution banning slavery. At the same time, Napolean III of France was moving to invade Mexico by way of the city of Puebla, entertaining the notion of legitimizing Southern secession and expand the French empire. 

However, in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, a small Mexican army managed to repel French soldiers as they attacked the walls of Puebla. The unexpected victory over such a powerful nation led to the holiday and ended Southern ambitions to establish a slave-trading route from the East to the West coast, and defeated French expansion in the New World. 


Thus, the Mexican American holiday has its roots north of the border, so celebrating with imported beer is totally dictated by preference.

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