If you, or someone you know, has a birthday in December, you know how easy and often the special day is overshadowed or included into Christmas and holiday festivities.  

Competing parties, hectic schedules and everyone's travel plans make it difficult for a big event, but you can make the day special by decorating with a theme within your home holiday decor for December birthdays.

Instead of decorating throughout, designate a special party zone, such as the breakfast nook, dinner table, bar and/or small party area, and decorate in a contrasting theme.  Use distinctive color, birthday, or secular winter decorations to differentiate the celebration from holiday and Christmas distractions.

For a birthday theme, minimize or temporarily remove holiday decorations and create a neutral background for your color or motif.  Some ideas for decorating include:
  • Motifs
    • Sweets
      • Cupcakes, cookies & cakes
      • Candy & lollipops
      • Ice cream, parfaits & sundaes
    • Gifts, presents, ribbons and bows
    • Gems & jewels
    • Streamers, swirls, confetti and balloon shapes
    • Geometric shapes, such as stars or circles
  • Colors
    • Hot Pink
    • Purple
    • Teal
    • Lime Green
    • Orange
    • All or combination of the above
Or, create a setting that coordinates with your holiday decor, but is distinctive by using a universal winter theme.  Some ideas for decorating include:
  • Motifs
    • Snowman
    • Winter trees (not Christmas trees)
    • Snowflakes
    • Lodge or skiing
    • Polar bears or penguins
    • Ice and snow
    • Peppermints
    • Holly & poinsettias
    • Snowy owls and/or cardinals
  • Colors
    • White
    • Red
    • Silver
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Gold
Classic Birthday Party


December Birthday Welcome SignIf you have invited guests to your birthday event, set the birthday tone and welcome your visitors with a prominent Birthday decoration along the designated party entrance.  

A brightly colored "Happy Birthday" pink-balloon shaped metal yard stake is a festive greeting for arriving guests. Alternatively, position the yard stake in a potted plant by the front door or in the foyer.

Bar Display

Every guest will visit or socialize near the bar, which makes it an ideal location for decorating. Hang Cupcake String Lights from the bar top to light up the occasion. 
December Birthday Bar Decorations
Whimsical Parfait Sundae Place Card Holders make great bar decorations and can hold birthday messages or the names of the drinks you will serve.  

Also, use Flocked Birthday Presents and Mini Gift Weights on the bar for a bright display of color.  Mix in your own small party favor gifts for your guests or the birthday boy or girl.
Be sure to add a fair amount of Birthday Confetti for extra dazzle, and fill an oversized Martini glass with party bead necklaces to adorn your mirthful guests. Add colorful Birthday Fever or Cupcake Confetti beverage napkins to top off the festivities.

Dinner Table

For a December birthday dinner party, delight the birthday boy or girl with a cheerful display of color for your birthday dinner setting presentation. Use a white tablecloth and napkins to make color decorations pop out.

December Birthday Dinner Table DecorationsUse a low profile centerpiece, like this Leopard Base & Peppermint Top Cake Stand with a variety of decadent Cupcake Candles so that guests can visit across the table.  
Add height and whimsy with large colorful curly sprays in Teal Blue, Spring Green, Vibrant Orange, or Sunshine Yellow, or add some sparkle with Glitterball Sprays in a variety of hues. 

Use colored water or party beads in Eiffel Tower Vases to coordinate with your table decorations.  Taper candles are also great for lighting and height without obstructing the conversation. 

Add Ceramic Cupcake Canisters and Designer Flocked Birthday Gift decorations along the table length to add color and fun. Pink Cupcake Salt & Pepper Shakers are an adorable detail that will set off the birthday spectacular. 

Don't forget to scatter Birthday themed confetti amply over the surface, and bling it up with blue, pink, teal or clear (in small & large sizes) diamonds!

Winter-Themed Birthday Party

Wintery themes are perfectly appropriate for December birthdays, tone down the red and green and use metallic neutrals like gold or silver that complement any color scheme. Choose decorations that relate to the season and replace Christmas messages and designs with winter and birthday essentials.

PartySwizzle Birthday Essentials
  • Ceilings/walls: Crepe Streamers, Happy Birthday Banner
  • Guest of Honor: Happy Birthday Cake Hat
  • Front Porch: Cupcake Welcome Mat
  • Serving Table: Birthday Sweets Paper Place Mats
  • Bar: Birthday Sweets Beverage Napkins & Cupcake String Lights
  • Cake/Dessert Tray: Amazing Flower Happy Birthday Candle
  • Surfaces: Birthday Party Confetti
Choosing a Color Scheme

Integrating birthday decor into your seasonal decorations is always a win for winter birthdays. First ask yourself: do I have a predominant color in my current seasonal decor? If so, go with that one key color and add winter neutrals like Snowflake Ceiling Swirls and White Crepe Streamers for a bit of instant fun. 

Replace taper candles with white, glittered, or theme colored ones, and switch out holiday votive candle holders for Winter Tree or Dot Votive Candle Holders in blue, pink, green and/or purple to complement the key color.

Choosing Winter-Themed Decorations

Stay away from traditional Christmas symbols like Santa or reindeer and go for more general winter themed decor. The following examples will not only delight your birthday guest, but can be used in years to come as seasonal decor.

Snowman Birthday Centerpiece

Snowmen are iconic winter symbols that are easily adopted as birthday characters. Create a wintery landscape with a pair of 13" Snow Trees set behind a jolly Glittered Sledding Snowman to one side of the table. Place a Slim Shopping Lady Snowman on the other with a stack of Miniature Gift Weights and Designer Flocked Birthday Presents near her. 

December Holiday Birthday Snowman

Add lighting with a dramatic presentation of giant Peppermint Tape Candle Holders with red candles down the center alternating with Snowman Tealights. Scatter birthday-themed confetti and hang Snowflake Ceiling Swirls and White Crepe Streamers up above. 

Place a beverage napkin of your primary or secondary color at a right angle to Happy Birthday napkins in the center of each plate or place setting to acknowledge the occasion.  And, complete the scene with a pair of Snowman Salt & Pepper shakers.

Next, keep your guests warm by serving hot cocoa or sending home bags of ready-made mix as favors. Include hand-made chocolate dipped spoons from www.simplydesign.net for an extra sweet dose of hospitality!

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

  • Chocolate Covered Spoons December Birthday1 cup of your favorite flavor of chocolate chips (we recommend white or milk chocolate)
  • Favorite candies (ie. crushed candy canes, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, marshmallows)
  • 20 plastic spoons
  • Optional: cellophane, fancy twist-ties
  1. Prepare a baking sheet lined with wax paper. 
  2. Microwave the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe dish until just melted in 15-second intervals, stirring each time. Do not overheat. 
  3. Dip 2/3 of the bowl of the spoon into the chocolate and twist gently to coat well, then tap lightly against the side of the container to remove excess chocolate. 
  4. Lay the spoon onto the wax paper, and fill the bowl with a little more chocolate. if needed. 
  5. Sprinkle candies onto the warm chocolate. 
  6. Allow to harden at room temperature. 
  7. Wrap in cellophane and tie off with fancy twist-ties to give as party favors.
Wintery Forest Birthday Centerpiece

The Nordic Tree Candelabra is a great decorating choice for a winter birthday table centerpiece as it is both seasonally appropriate but doesn't scream Christmas. Flank the candelabra with 13" Snow Trees, then add neutral or metallic glittered taper candles.

Wintery December Birthday Decorations

Continue the winter forest theme with evergreen and Nordic tree cutouts at each end of the table.  Place a pile of  Miniature Gift Weights on one side, and position a Resin Squirrel perched in front of a Flocked Birthday Present for added cuteness on the other.

Scatter Owl Woodland Creature Cutouts along the table length, and add Hedgehog & Tree Stump Salt & Pepper Shakers atop a white tablecloth. Then, drape a Metallic Happy Birthday Banner through the candelabra and down the center of the table.

Toss birthday confetti liberally along the surface, and don't forget the Iridescent Ceiling Swirls and a birthday sign along a distant wall. 

Serve adorable owl cupcakes from evite.com for dessert and accompany with bowls of nuts, trail mix, seasonal fruits and berries, peppermints and of course champagne!

Decorated Owl Cupcakes

  • Owl Cupcakes Winter BirthdayBatch of favorite cupcakes
  • Chocolate or white icing
  • Orange/yellow jelly beans
  • Oreos
  • Brown M&M's
  1. Ice the cupcakes with a layer of chocolate or white icing. Use a large star tip, if choosing to pipe on the icing. 
  2. Separate oreos into halves.
  3. Dip one side of the brown M&Ms in chocolate or white icing. 
  4. Stick the icing-dipped M&M onto the center of the oreo half with the cream. 
  5. Position two oreo cream halves with brown M&Ms on the cupcakes as eyes.
  6. Add an orange or yellow jellybean as the beak.
Penguins In the Snow

Penguin Skating Holiday Birthday PartyIf you have a flat mirror or piece of frosted glass, center it on the table top. Mound polyester stuffing or batting to create the appearance of snow drifts, and scatter the scene with silver glitter and Snowflakes Confetti. 

Add one or two playful Glittered Penguin figurines atop the mirror or birthday cake, as if skating gleefully on ice. Complete the scene with Evergreen Tree Wood Cutouts or a pair of Snow Trees and other winter characters such as the 9" Fluffy Snowman or Melting Snowman Candles. 

Hang Snowflake Ceiling Swirls around the room and drape Metallic Happy Birthday Banner streamers along the walls and ceiling.

Find these and more products for holiday decorating for December birthdays at PartySwizzle.com.

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