6 Quick & Easy Floral Ideas For Spring & Easter

I love using floral arrangements as a focal point because it takes such a relatively small amount of effort to create such a big impact. You can add color, whimsy, and all-around good vibes to any occasion or room with just a fluff, cut, and twist.

Here are 6 ideas that I’m using for Spring & Easter this year. They are so easy that you'll laugh that I even wrote it down.

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DIY Fisherman's Net Coastal Christmas Tree

Combine the spirits of the season and seas for a fisherman’s net coastal Christmas tree for the holidays. 

All you need are a few push pins, a tape measure and a fishing net to have a ready-to-decorate, super-easy, no-mess symbol of Jesus and his great catch miracle.
  • Step 1 - Pin the points
  • Step 2 - Plan the lights
  • Step 3 - Hang the net
  • Step 4 - Decorate your tree
  • Step 5 - Accessorize
And, that’s all it takes to have your own fisherman’s net coastal Christmas tree, simply a matter of putting the pins in the right place.
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