October and November is the most dynamic time of the fall season as autumnal hues become more spectacular each passing day. It is a month of preparation for the holidays, the impending winter, and the closing of the year. 

Planning and preparation are two of Rae Lynn’s favorite topics, especially when it comes to entertaining and hospitality. As the outside temperatures dip lower, people are brought indoors together for warmth, food, and fun, which coincidentally is the perfect recipe for a house party. 

Whether you are planning a casual family get-together or to show off gourmet cooking and cocktails, simple autumn-inspired fall decorating ideas will elevate the occasion. These room-by-room themes work well together as a whole-home makeover or as stand-alone projects.

Fall Decorating Essentials 
Silk Mini Fall Maple Leaves, real pumpkins/gourds, 70” Maple Leaf Garland, Fall Maple Leaf Metal Votive Holders, Bag of Oversized Decorative Acorns, 3D Fall Leaves Confetti

Warm Autumn Welcome

Fall Decorating Ideas EntranceUse this keen-eyed Jiggly Wings Owl Yard Stake to introduce the fall theme as your guests arrive. Insert the yard stake into a hay bale placed on the porch and add pots of purple chrysanthemums, bright marigolds and variegated gourds that span the seasonal spectrum. 

This fall decorating idea also works well as a foyer display. Add some Harvest Corn taper candles in candle holders on a side table and throw in a Decorative Primitive Twig Pumpkin along with the real ones to add some variety. Scatter some “fallen” silk Mini Fall Maple Leaves around the display for a realistic autumn feel.

 DIY Harvest Wreaths

Add a 60” Pine Cone Garland or 70” Maple Leaf Garland and welcoming DIY harvest wreath to the front door. Don’t forget to add a Painted Metal Wreath Hanger to your order to display your elegant creation!

DIY Primitive Autumn Wreath With Mossy OwlPrimitive Wreath:  Start with a plain twig wreath. Using a hot glue gun, add silk Mini Fall Maple Leaves for color. To avoid burns, squeeze small dabs of hot glue onto the twigs in the desired area and carefully lay the leaf on top. 

Add some Oversized Decorative Acorns, mini striped gourds that look like pumpkins, a bow, or other colorful decorations. Snip off balls from red, gold and copper glitterball sprays and create shimmering groups of autumn berries.

For added effect, glue or wire a Resin Squirrel or Small Green Mossy Owl perched in the opening, as if looking into an autumn nest. 

Autumn Wrapped Wreath: Starting with a straw wreath, choose bright fall colored or neutral cloth, burlap, ribbon, or yarn for wrapping. Tie or pin the first end around the back of the wreath and glue in place with hot glue. 

DIY Fall Wreath Oversized Acorns

Then wrap the fabric tightly in an even layer, keeping the tension all the way around and using hot glue to secure the fabric periodically. Knot off the end tightly and clip the excess wrapping, making sure to hide the knot in the back and secure with hot glue. 

Add cloth flowers, silk maple leaves, or glitter sprays in one quarter of the wreath. Glue the ends of real or Snow-Kissed Loose Pine Cones to three separate strips of ribbon, roughly half the diameter of the wreath in length.  Loop the ends around the wreath and tie off at different lengths so that they hang staggered in the center of the opening.

Alternatively, hot glue a group of Oversized Decorative Acorns together, suspended by a group of twigs with wire. Loop a ribbon around the wreath to hang the acorn display in the center of the opening.

Splashy Fall Bath Display

Fall Bathroom Guest Towels

One place your guests are sure to visit is the bathroom, so (in addition to cleaning) it is always nice to tie in the party theme with a tasteful decoration.  Cute Fall Embroidered Hand Towels are a nod to practicality while highlighting the special occasion. 

Scatter some 3D Fall Leaves Confetti across the fill tank and set the Metal Copper Leaf Pumpkin on top. If space allows, scatter some Snow-Kissed Loose Pine Cones along the bathroom counter and place a scented candle in a Gold & Copper Mosaic Votive Candle Holder or Fall Maple Leaf Metal Votive Holder for an atmospheric glow.

Treetop Chatter Fall Decorating Ideas

Add Sleepy Owls or Pumpkin Harvest Window Gel Clings to reinforce the theme without taking up space. A side table here and there is handy for setting down drinks and utensils, and can also serve as a decorative display surface. 

Falling Leaves Decorating IdeasSprinkle some silk Mini Fall Maple Leaves on the surface, and set a Nordic Tree decoration atop them to emulate the falling of leaves. Add some Owl Woodland Creature Cutouts to complete the scene.

Swizzle Tip: The den or living room is likely to be one of the main party spaces, which means it will pack in many people. Consider removing extra furniture to make it easy to navigate, while also creating plenty of space to socialize.

Evoke the cheerful treetop activity of a woodland canopy by adding some choice decorations to vertical spaces such as the mantle or bookshelf. Drape a neutral tone cloth or shimmering satin over three or more wooden or styrofoam blocks of different heights, at least 5” broad to provide a sturdy base. 

Set lighted candles (or flameless for added safety) in Fall Maple Leaf Metal Votive Holders on top of the blocks so they emulate falling leaves at different heights. Scatter some festive Large Gold & Beaded Decorative Acorns through the folds of the drape and add decorative Glistening Pine Cone Votive Candles to each side of the Maple Leaf votive display. 

Fall Leaf Votive Candle Holders Mantel Display

Frame the display with a Set of 2 Birch Wood Owls on one end and a Resin Squirrel on the other to add some interest in unexpected places. Snippets of Glittered Maple Leaf Garland will add a pop of color. 

Note: Various numbers of staggered Fall Maple Leaf Metal Votive Holders can be used as a motif in strategic locations around the house to add atmosphere and connect the party spaces.

Bountiful Harvest Dinner Table

Whether or not the event is a dinner party, it is likely that food will be served for the occasion. Use the dining room as a designated serving area so that hungry guests can easily pass through to grab a plate between conversations. It is also an excellent idea to add a themed centerpiece to satisfy the visual appetite as well. 

Festoon the table with a whole or partial Glittered Maple Leaf Garland (leftover from other decorating) along the center of the table. Place a pair of Copper Lily Candlesticks evenly amongst some real or Decorative Carved Wood Pumpkins, preferably of various small sizes (6.5” and 3.5”) along the length of the table among the maple leaves.  Position a pair of Decorative Mushroom Candles at each end of the display.

Dining Room Table Fall Decorations

Add a Set of 8 Owl Woodland Creature Cutouts along the sides of the garland, or put in the center of dinnerware place settings. Oversized Decorative Acorns, 3D Fall Leaves Confetti, and Snow-Kissed Loose Pine Cones add a sophisticated sparkle amidst the festive autumn goodies. 

Autumn Owls or Hedgehog & Tree Stump salt and pepper shakers are perfect for topping off your impeccable taste. Don’t forget to pick up some Acorn & Maple Leaf Food Picks for an extra dash of fun.

To have guests pass on one side of a buffet table, use risers or shelves on the far side of the table under your tablecloth, and position the table along a wall. Decorate with your bountiful harvest dinner table centerpieces for all to see.

Best Fall Fest, Bar None

Last but certainly not least, the bar will be a popular place for guests to visit and so should be considered in the decorating scheme. “Small and tasteful” fall decorating ideas are the strategy best suited to this heavy traffic area. 

Fall Decorating Ideas For the BarScatter some cute and sparkly 3D Fall Leaves Confetti across the bar and interweave Brown Owl Electric String Lights in 60" Pine Cone Garland to border the bar and illuminate the gathering. 

Add clear or colored marbles to a glass trifle bowl, fill 1/3 with water, and float 3-6 lit Fall Leaf Floating Candles on the surface to add atmosphere without endangering the safety of lively barflies.  Alternatively, fill a large martini glass or vase with Oversized Decorative Acorns, Striped Pumpkin Gourds and small pine cones.

Add some elements of natural charm, such as Green Mossy Owls and Decorative Mushroom Candles. Then interject a little fall fun with Acorn & Maple Leaf Drink Picks skewering your cocktail garnishes. 

Finally, choose a decorative napkin such as the Foxy Fall Beverage Napkins or Fall Leaves Beverage Napkins and place in stacks along the bar to add both utility and decorative value without cluttering up the space. 

Find these and other products at PartySwizzlecom and share some of your favorite fall decorating ideas with us.

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