Fall trends work beautifully with modern interior home decorating schemes. Furniture and walls painted in neutrals in shades of gray, black and white set the stage for colorful accents that can be switched out to incorporate colors, textures, and shapes of the season.

Fall Throw PillowsAutumn Colors - Fall Trends 

For fall, swap out the usual toss pillows for bold Moroccan or floral designs in oranges, browns, and turquoise hues. like these shown at www.hercampus.com.

Damask Dining CoversA change of scene in the living room doesn't have to mean splurging on a new furniture set; try suave slipcovers to revamp the color scheme for a budget-friendly seasonal makeover, seen here from www.surefit.net

Fall Bedding & SheetsCool evenings are perfect weather for lighting up the fireplace, and snuggling up under a soft knit or woven throw blankets in plaids or earth tones will keep you comfy while making a bold home fashion statement. Switching out the bed sheets, tablecloths, and table settings for linens in autumn hues will cozy up the season by staying practical yet stylish, as seen at www.casalatina.com.

Foxy Fox NapkinsDecorative Critters - Fall Trends 

Even before we started to wonder what the fox said (http://youtu.be/jofNR_WkoCE), adorable caricatures of woodland creatures crawled into the limelight as a global decorating trend. Beverage napkins featuring the sly fellow might provide a cunning segue to an awesome party soundtrack during the cocktail hour with just a dash of refined cuteness.

Hedgehog Stump Salt PepperFollow up that act with charming Hedgehog & Tree Stump seasoning shakers to ornament the dinner table (http://www.partyswizzle.com/HedehogTreeSaltPepper.html). 
The subtle metallic earth tones of the ceramic glaze ties them in nicely with trendy metallic autumn-inspired accents.

Toss them into a table setting with decorative acorns and some busy squirrels taking refuge in the Evergreen cutoutsnearby evergreen forest from a herd of migrating reindeer to complete a woodland-inspired vignette very much in vogue. 

ReindeerAnother important fall trend takes an ornithological turn. And this year, owls are in!  As the adage put-a-bird-on-it goes, when in doubt “put a bird on it,” and Rae Lynn can assure you that lots of owls are appropriate for fall trend decorations. 

Luckily, PartySwizzle.com offers a variety of Strigiform-inspired decor to fit the bill. Owl cutouts make adorable place setting decorations centered in the center of dinner plates.

Gel OwlsSleepy owl window gel designs wink at guests from perches on the window glass as they walk up to the front door.  and, a pair of wizened birch or mossy green owls set atop the mantelpiece, while birch tree owls may keep a watchful eye on the festive crowd delighted by your clever and urbane decorating sensibility.     

Metallic Accents - Fall Trends

Gold charger
Gold, copper, and brass accents lend reflective power to the bright autumn palette. Metallics can be used in the same way as neutrals, as their luminosity complements any color scheme. 
Red Glitterball Spray

Brighten up the table setting with 14” Round Gold Chargers at your next dinner party. 

Glittering decorative sprays can be added to fall bouquets or stand alone in 12” Eiffel Tower vases as centerpieces or tabletop displays to accent the party area. Fill an over-sized martini glass or flower vase with metallic beads to add a dash of dazzle to the bar or side tables.

Gold AcornsScatter fall-themed confetti across surfaces to dapple them with glimmering reflected light, or use decorative golden acorns in autumn tabletop displays.

Gold Mosaic Votive Candle HolderGold & Copper Mosaic Votive Candle holders will enhance the atmosphere of any fall gathering, but can be reused throughout any season to add a sophisticated ambiance.

Metal PumpkinGlamorous florals are a hot trend captured in three dimensions by chic Copper Lily Candlesticks. Couple with a metallic pumpkin for an autumn themed table decoration, and keep them handy for reuse during a springtime gathering. The glowing metallic sheen will complement any naturally-inspired decorating theme.  

Organics & Naturals - Fall Trends

Burlap Table Setting Fall
Coarsely woven fabrics such as burlap and hemp are not only making their debut in high fashion but make great accents for fall-inspired decorating. The essence of the traditional autumn cornucopia featuring the bountiful fruits of the harvest can be captured by adding organic and unprocessed textures and designs in home decor.

Twig PumpkinBurlap place settings are fashionably coupled with vintage tableware, flowers, and lace to evoke nostalgia and nature, as seen here at ruffledblog.com.

Autumn squashes, feathers, pebbles, and nature-inspired decorations such as primitive twig pumpkins can create compelling displays to further develop the theme, especially befitting a spread of gourmet, sustainable-farmed delicacies.  
What fall trends are you following for this autumn season?

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