Americans spend over $7 billion preparing for the Halloween holiday, with roughly two-thirds spent on decorative tricks and delectable treats. What this means to aspiring hosts is that people have a lot of choices when it comes to decorating for Halloween. 

Perfect party planning is always crucial to success, but even more so when you are wanting to stand out from every other Jack on the block. So, does this mean more spending on spectacular displays of phantasmagorical fancy or bust? 

Here at Party Swizzle, we have spent many nights haunted by the idea that technological terrors and animatronic ghouls would usurp the role of the sophisticated host.

Whether or not the budget allows for such devilish delights, imaginative decoration and human hospitality is more spine-tingling for your guests.Halloween Ghost Covered Furniture These simple indoor Halloween party decoration ideas will showcase your guests as the main attraction and seamlessly incorporate the magic of the season. 

Swizzle Trick: Drape furniture in neutral tablecloths or coverings to create an eerie abandoned house mood that will also focus attention on strategically placed decorations and accentuate the brighter colors. For an extra smidgen of fun, add playful ghost or scary "Scream" faces to your coverings.

Neutrals include white, gray, black, tan, and metallics. Limiting your theme color choices to preferably one or two, but no more than four, will help to unify your color scheme and rival the greatest interior design concepts. 

Spooky Spirits 

Thrill your guests with this spook-tacular table top graveyard scene featuring the Glittered Owls in Tree Silhouette Display. Adorn the serving table with a silver or gray tablecloth, then use the Glittered Black Maple Leaf Garland strewn with polyester spider webs as a runner. 
Halloween Owls Table Display
Place Tombstone Statuettes and 7" Black Feathered Owls to each side of the silhouette display and alternate with a pair of Cast Iron Tree Stump Candle Holders holding Witches’ Finger Taper Candles to light up the night. Finally, scatter some Fluffy Black Spiders throughout the scene to get their skin crawling. 

Swizzle Trick:  For a one sided-buffet table or appetizer spread, raise your spooky spirits display with 12" risers, boxes or shelves under your table covering.  Visit "Setting Up A Bar" for the concept and type of shelves we use.

Additionally, spruce up the windows with a Demented Skeleton Creatures or a carved Jack O’ Lantern. Creepy patterns make it easy to print and carve the perfect design ( 

Witches’ Brew 

Party-goers will be cackling with glee if the right ingredients are present, and they should likely include a magical display. 
Halloween Cauldron Eyeballs
To create an easy “Bubbling Cauldron”:  Start with a small black cauldron replica or bowl and a ghoulish green hand votive candle holder reaching out of white polyester stuffing. 

Place one or two LED Accent Lights that match your theme color into the stuffing so that it glows when turned on. Stretch fake polyester spider webs over the sides and top of the cauldron to create the illusion of bubbling steam. Position amidst Halloween Confetti as the centerpiece atop a purple tablecloth or sheet.

Add bewitching Eyeball Salt & Pepper Shakers and Bloodshot Eyeball Handle Spreaders to the scene.  Better yet, place an eyeball salt or pepper shaker in the ghoulish green hand instead of the votive candle holder, or use an eye of newt, if available. Accents like the bug-eyed pair of Glittered Black & Purple Spiders will further develop this spell-binding theme. 

Halloween Festival 

Fall is a season of bounty and Halloween is the perfect occasion to celebrate it. Scented Candy Corn Candles are a spin off a classic Halloween treat that commemorates the harvest set amongst the autumnal hues of the Glittered Orange Maple Garland. 

Halloween Autumn Candy Scene With CrowsToss the display liberally with Decorative Mini Striped Orange Gourds, autumn leaves, taffy and candy corn pieces, and other Halloween sweets or place a large bowl of candy at either end of the serving table, ready for trick-or-treaters. 

Two or three Metal Black Crows pecking at the ground and scurrying Fluffy Black Spiders will capture the more whimsical spirit of the season.

Find these and more Halloween party decorations at  Let us know about some of your favorite Halloween party decorations ideas, so we can add them for next year!

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