Day of the Dead Theme Party Ideas

La Catrina
Let death be your guide for a Halloween event inspired by the Dia de los Muertos Mexican holiday. This colorful commemoration of honored spirits, aka the Day of the Dead, is a whimsical celebration for the new life of the dead, every year from October 31st through November 2nd.

In contrast to the evil spirits of Halloween, the Day of the Dead is a time to honor and welcome the visiting souls of loved ones, ancestors, folk heroes and even pets. We've compiled some ideas to combine the joyous nature and macabre imagery of this festive occasion for a party setting welcoming of all Halloween beliefs.
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SUPERNATURAL Theme Party Ideas: Creatures, Spirits & Sorcery

Tap into the past, present and future unexplained mysteries of the universe and enter the world of the supernatural, if you dare. 

For inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of paranormal party themes for unearthly creatures, spirits and sorcery, along with a few decorating ideas to get you started.
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5 Easy Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is one of the most delightful holidays of year because it not only makes dressing up in outrageous or goofy costumes socially acceptable, but enthusiastically encouraged, even for grown folks. 

Naturally, I like to squeeze as much mischievous madness as tastefully possible out of my big Halloween fling. If you are anything like me, you know that the best parties are the most memorable parties, and the most memorable parties incorporate unique themes that elevate the occasion above the average level of fun.

I've listed five easy adult Halloween party ideas, around which you can organize everything else to add just the right Halloween twist.
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Easy Halloween Food Ideas

Although Halloween celebrates the sweets, sooner or later it will become necessary to refuel the flesh with more nutritious fare. Halloween Food Ideas Coffin Canapes These easy tasted-and-true Halloween food ideas can offer a savory change of pace as the festivities rage on:
  • Yummy Mummy Pizza Bites
  • Coffin Canapes
  • Green-Eyed Monster Eyeballs
  • Easy Cheesy Jack-O-Lantern Sliders
BONUS: We've also included two party potions for your pleasure...
  • Candy Corn Jello Shots
  • Sweet Transylvanian Sangria
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Three Easy Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Americans spend over $7 billion preparing for the Halloween holiday, with roughly two-thirds spent on decorative tricks and delectable treats. Halloween Owls Centerpiece What this means to aspiring hosts is that people have a lot of choices when it comes to decorating for Halloween. 

Perfect party planning is always crucial to success, but even more so when you are wanting to stand out from every other Jack on the block. So, does this mean more spending on spectacular displays of phantasmagorical fancy or bust?
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