The majestic lighthouse is an attractive addition to any sailing or nautical decorating scheme. Whether a maritime party, wedding or home decor, the iconic shape and unique patterns are instantly recognizable as fitting for the occasion.

Food & Serving Table Decorating Ideas 

Use an adorable replica of your favorite lighthouse to make a unique and memorable cake topper that will last as keepsake for years to come. 

Alternatively, place the sounds of the ocean with the 13” Motion Sensor Sound Hatteras Lighthouse atop a tiered cupcake stand to beckon guests to dock momentarily for a scrumptious mouthful. 

Attractive 4” Lighthouse & Waterball Cardholders feature a dolphin in a glittering water-globe and are perfect for drink or menu cards announcing the selection du jour. 

Spruce up serving trays with attractive lighthouse miniatures to entertain your guests as they sample the appetizers at your nautical-themed soiree. 

For guests who like an extra sprinkle of flavor, add sets of lighthouse-inspired salt & pepper shakers near melon balls and other savory selections for just the right bite. 

And for those who prefer “schmears,” don’t forget a themed assortment of spreaders with adorable lighthouse handles. 

National Lighthouse
August 7th

Congress designated August 7 as National Lighthouse Day, where historically the lighthouses opened for public tours highlighting their role in maritime safety. 

With their stalwart construction and luminous beacon, the lighthouse is a nautical icon historically projecting warnings of dangerous rocks and shoals. 

Most lighthouses intermittently flash or eclipse their lights in a specific sequence to provide an identification signal. In addition, their painted pattern or daymark, serves to identify the lighthouse when visible.

Towering elegance and bold exteriors served to geographically identify features for seamen in times of yore, and their unique silhouette has become a fashionable design element in maritime-inspired decor. 

Combine lighthouses with ships, sailboats and other nautical decor to create seafaring scenes & vignettes. Build an active harbor scene as a raised backdrop on your food service table for a lasting impression.

Dinner Table & Centerpiece Decorating Ideas

Lighthouse accents with a sailboat centerpiece will make a memorable table display. Flank the sailboat on each side with miniature lighthouse replicas, then use striped sailboat tealights for lighting amd color. Include a boat & lighthouse salt & pepper shaker set for a finishing touch.

Add a unique lighthouse at each setting as favors for your guests. Personalize them with your guests’ names or the party slogan as reminders of the joyful occasion for years afterward. 

Opting for beautiful lighthouse-themed beverage napkins make picture-perfect plate accents atop stacked dinnerware or serving cocktails.

Larger lighthouse statues complete in stunning detail make attractive central elements to a nautical-themed dinner table. Use real rocks and sand to set off the lighthouses with natural elements. 

Alternatively, drape fish netting over the table and add seashell and dried starfish, and place ornate, fully rigged antique-style ships to add context and class. 

Lighting Ideas 

Incorporate plenty of accent lighting into each party area to avoid having to use harsh overhead lights. Vintage glass buoy, sea shell or hurricane lantern electric string lights add a unique a festive detail.

Use lighthouse decorated votive candle holders or tealight lanterns to add lighting while enhancing the theme. Tealight candle holders in the shape of lighthouses can add height to any vignette while lending an atmospheric glow.

Party Area & Bathroom Decorating Ideas 

If feeling inspired, create your own vignettes in glass jars with sand, shells, and lighthouse replicas set off by the gentle glow of votive candles. Decorate the walls with framed photos of famous or regional lighthouses. 

Other details to consider are adding nautical slip-covers to throw pillows that may be comfortably displayed on interior and/or outdoor furniture and replacing current wall decorations with life-rings or nautical flags. 

While lighthouse-themed candles can take an ordinary guest bathroom up a decorating notch, adding details like lighthouse-shaped soaps, themed embroidered hand towels, and a simple nautical vignette will really set your show of hospitality leagues beyond the rest. 

Adding organic elements like free-standing coral or coiled rope to bookshelves or mantels offer a delightful surprise as guests start to notice the subtle design elements in the party surroundings. 

Tell us about your lighthouse wedding and decorating ideas.

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