Mountain Lodge | Camping | Lumberjack Theme Party Ideas

Whether you are planning a birthday, reception, baby shower or celebration of the seasons, you can't go wrong with the great outdoors as your guide. Highlight camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, or lumberjack, along with seasonal flowers in spring, leaves in fall, snow in winter, and wildlife in summer or combine them all for your own mountain lodge theme experience.

We've put together some of our favorite suggestions for decorating your party scene in mountain-altitude fashion, including some cute food ideas and a S'mores martini recipe.

Here's an overview:
  • Front Entrance & Foyer
  • Party Area
  • Bar & Food Service
  • Cute Hors d'oeuvre & Drink Ideas
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Winter Ski Lodge House Party

Shot SkiEven if you can't hit the slopes this year, capture the camaraderie and relaxation of apres ski with a Ski Lodge themed house party. 

From lift ticket invitations, custom ski trail signs, drinking from a shot-ski, building a ski mountain on your serving table, and making cheese fondue, this handy resource has everything you need to create a unique and original winter themed event.
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