Whether you are planning a birthday, reception, baby shower or celebration of the seasons, you can't go wrong with the great outdoors as your guide. Highlight camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, or lumberjack, along with seasonal flowers in spring, leaves in fall, snow in winter, and wildlife in summer or combine them all for your own mountain lodge theme experience.

We've put together some of our favorite suggestions for decorating your party scene in mountain-altitude fashion, including some cute food ideas and a S'mores martini recipe.

Here's an overview:
  • Front Entrance & Foyer
  • Party Area
  • Bar & Food Service
  • Cute Hors d'oeuvre & Drink Ideas
Mountain Lodge Theme Decorating Ideas

Have the time of your life when you let nature take its course with a mountain lodge, camping, fishing, skiing, hunting and/or lumberjack theme to celebrate the great outdoors, indoors or out. The first step is to choose colors and patterns to establish continuity, I suggest:
  • Brown and green for colors
  • Red & black buffalo plaid patterns
  • Rough textures, like burlap and wood
Front Entrance & Foyer

Create a rustic & welcoming entrance to your mountain retreat:
  • Line the entrance walkway with candles in jars or hurricane lanterns on upright log pedestals of varying heights. Alternate: hang from trees
  • Construct a lodge/camp sign with wood pieces for letters on weathered wood. Alternate: paint, burn, carve or print your sign
  • Drive an ax into a log
  • Set up a wood directional sign post
  • String prayer flags or buffalo check, muslin & burlap garland
  • Stand a black bear (or moose) silhouette in the distance, illuminated from behind with a low light lantern or flameless tealight candle; optionally add cubs (pattern here)
  • Craft a wreath for the door from birch tree slices
  • Lay down log rounds as stepping stones; optionally build a frame from 1x3s and fill with pine bark
In the foyer, take a walk through a mountain meadow:
  • "Plant" evergreen cuttings in containers to create a forest of  mini evergreens; optionally wrap pots in burlap
  • Suspend evergreen greenery or light branches horizontally to simulate tree limbs. Alternate: use crumpled Kraft paper to make tree limbs
  • Lay artificial grass. Alternate for winter: snowdrifts from quilt batting over a white sheet (More on Ski Lodge here)
  • Fill the "sky" with light blue ceiling swirls
  • Add round white paper lantern clouds or make fluffy clouds, DIY here
  • Intermingle suspended butterflies; snowflakes in winter
  • Make a mountain from a painted sheet or buy removable mountain wall decals
  • Frame the doorway with log cabin wallpaper--use velcro tape to hang
  • Use a twig pencil for the guestbook
Party Area

Continue the wilderness experience in the party area with mountain animals, plants, trees, and features. Some ideas for inspiration include:
  • Bears
  • Stone & rock
  • Wildflowers
  • Elk
  • Hummingbirds
  • Evergreens
  • Campfires
  • Berries
  • Canoes
  • Ferns
  • Moose
  • Hurricane Lanterns
  • Trout
  • Stumps & logs
  • Antlers
  • Mountain peaks
  • Backpacks
  • Pine cones
  • Bees
  • Firewood
  • Fireplace
  • Mushrooms
  • Mountain Lion
  • Deer
  • Butterflies
  • Aspen trees
  • Oars
  • Beavers
  • Tree bark
  • Owls
Then mix in outdoor adventures and recreation details specific to your theme, such as:

  • Tents
  • Cooking pans
  • Compass
  • Canteen
  • Coffee pot
  • Thermos
  • Campfire circle
  • Stove
  • Sleeping Bags
  • RV Campers
  • Matches
  • Skis & snowboards
  • Skiwear & boots
  • Gondola/lifts
  • Trail signs
  • Skill level icons
  • Snowshoes
  • Trail maps
  • Sleds
  • Ice Skates
  • Ski resort posters
  • Rod & reels
  • Rowboat
  • Fishing nets
  • Bobbers
  • Freshwater fish
  • Creel
  • Hooks & lures
  • Bait
  • Mounted fish
  • Tacklebox
  • Shotguns & rifles
  • Shells & bullets
  • Camouflage
  • Stuffed kills
  • Hunting vest
  • Axes
  • Saws & sawblades
Decorate the wall and transform the room; here are my suggestions:
  • Cutout bear and animal skins from inexpensive fake-fur fabric
  • Hang vinyl backdrops (find them here) on a section of wall, behind the bar, and/or serving table, choose from:
    • Natural stone
    • Weathered wood
    • Mountain scenes
    • Stacked firewood
  • Paint your own wood or stone background: 
Mark the spot with a focal point over a doorway, bar or fireplace:
  • Crossed canoe oars
  • Crossed skis
  • Crossed ski poles
  • Crossed sticks with marshmallows
  • Crossed fishing rods
  • Crossed nets
  • Crossed axes
  • Crossed shotguns
Embellish railings and banisters with pine cone garland
Spruce up the walls with points of interest:
  • Use wood-grain contact paper to make signs and letters
  • Display national park posters
  • Mount a branch with hanging hurricane lanterns or fish
  • Post campground and hiking trail icons (DIY here)
  • Make or buy customized ski run signs with skill levels
  • Frame vintage photos with weathered wood
  • Hang lures, bobbers, and fish from a mounted arched fishing pole
Build creative focal points and/or a dinner table centerpiece:
  • Vintage hurricane or carriage lanterns
  • Pine sprigs, branches, & cones
  • Tree slices, bark, and red berries
  • Brighten a collection of pine cones with fairy lights
  • Weathered galvanized pails, buckets, & planters
  • Spray paint tree branches white & arrange in ski boots
  • Create an arrangement of marsh grass & fishing lures
  • Paint the outside of a metal basin red with white dots & place over a log to make a giant mushroom
  • Stand-up skis in a weighted, slotted crate
  • Fill a creel with fishing accouterments or wildflowers
  • For summer, light candles in the fireplace
Keep it fun with some tabletop touches:
  • Make mini mountains by painting snow on cones and triangles
  • Bound bundles of birch logs or make your own with pool noodles (here's how)
  • Decorate vases and pitchers with bands of buffalo plaid fabric
  • Light a fire with orange, yellow & red tissue paper between logs
  • Scatter round river rocks painted as honey bees and ladybugs
  • Mount fake fish on boards
  • Re-label Silly String as "Bug Spray", then set in a pile of plastic bugs
  • Float candles in water with submerged tree twigs
  • Glamp it up with pine cones painted in jewel-tone colors
  • Paint small cans to make shotgun shell vases
  • Hang giant fishing bobbers made with paper lanterns
Bar & Food Service
  • Make a stacked firewood background behind the bar with birch tree slices
  • Hang log cabin wallpaper on the front of the bar with velcro
  • Create an indoor S'mores roasting station with Sterno & pebbles
  • Drape fabric to create a tent opening behind the food service table; Alternate: Simulate a tent opening on the front of the table skirt
  • Rest a weathered wood plank on mini whiskey barrels to make a riser for food or a bar serving shelf
  • Change utensils to wood by applying a sliver of wood-grain contact paper to the handle
  • Serve drinks with printed birch tree straws, here
  • Arrange appetizers on tree rounds and upright logs of varying heights
  • Drill holes in a log to hold appetizers on bamboo skewers
  • Set out twig-shaped cutlery and appetizer forks, along with wood-grain plastic plates
  • Use pie tins as plates
Cute Hors d'oeuvre & Drink Ideas
  • Set-up a "Happy Trails Mix" bar in fishing tackle boxes
  • For a hunting theme, serve camo trail mix with green & brown m&ms and green goldfish
  • Use Doritos as campfire flames
  • Fill bowls with Teddy Grahams
  • Make homemade Kahlua marshmallows, here's how
  • Here are some more fun ideas with links to recipes (if available):
    • Bear claw pastries
    • Cucumber fish scales
    • Almond porcupine
    • S'mores on a stick
    • Fishing bobbers
    • Fly agaric bites
    • Pretzel trees
    • Mountain cookies
    • Campfire cake

S'mores Martini
Adapted from HungryCoupleNYC.com
  • Rim & Garnish
    • Graham crackers
    • Chocolate sauce
    • Large marshmallows
  • Cocktail
    • 2 oz Marshmallow vodka
    • 1 oz Creme de Cacao (dark)
    • 1 oz Chocolate liqueur
    • 2 oz Heavy cream
  1. Rim a martini glass with chocolate sauce and crushed graham crackers.
  2. Mix marshmallow vodka, creme de cacao, chocolate liqueur, and cream in a shaker with ice.
  3. Shake for 30 seconds and strain into the glass.
  4. Garnish:
    1. Option 1: Skewer the marshmallows with a wood or metal pick and lightly toast with a kitchen torch.
    2. Option 2: Skewer the marshmallows with a pick or cocktail straw and roll in chocolate sauce and graham crackers.
  5. Add marshmallow garnish to the glass and serve.
Hopefully we have your creative juices flowing, find more mountain lodge theme products at PartySwizzle.com Lodge & Camping. Also, see our blog on Ski Lodge Theme Party Ideas

We'd also love to hear your creative ideas and experiences for hosting a mountain, lumberjack, camping, fishing, hunting and/or ski lodge party for adults...