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Mexican Fiesta Party

Decorating Ideas For A Mexican Fiesta Themed Party

If you have a yearning for the beaches of Cabo, the sites of Cuernavaca, or the mole of Oaxaca, take a figurative trip south of the border with a Mexican Fiesta themed party. And we're here to get your creative juices flowing, so you can fashion a fun and memorable event for you and your guests.

A Mexican Fiesta is all about color! In addition to highlights of Mexico's national colors of red, green, and white, the next step is to choose a palette of dominant colors for your event. 

For inspiration, consider Mexico's landscape of year-round blooming flowers, colorful Mexican tile and dress, or simply the color variations in a Mexican blanket. For best results, start by selecting six colors to repeat throughout the party area; here are 3 suggestions:

  • Sunshine yellow
  • Tangerine
  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Fuchsia
  • Lime
  • Gold
  • Coral
  • Tiffany blue
  • Lavender
  • Pastel pink
  • Pickle green
  • Yellow-gold
  • Pumpkin
  • Light blue
  • Cobalt
  • Maroon
  • Green
*When using SUBTLE colors, add interest by substituting one (1) color with a corresponding FESTIVE option; for example, use purple instead of lavender or fuchsia instead of pastel pink.

Bienvenido! Entrance & Foyer

Make a great first impression and set the tone for your event with a jubilant & welcoming entrance:
  • Line the walkway with colored ribbons or strips of fabric on stakes
  • Flank the front door with hanging chili pepper ristras and/or sombreros
  • Kick it up a notch with flower or tissue pom poms hanging from tree limbs
  • Drape red, white & green bunting on fence and/or porch railings
  • Wrap balusters, columns, fence posts/rails, and/or tree trunks in fabric strips of different festive colors
  • Hoist a Mexican flag or banner above the front door
  • Light the trees & walkway with hanging colored tealight lanterns or string lights

Construct an old Mexican town vignette in the foyer:

  • Arrange hay bales, weathered fence posts, old crates, cow skulls, & wagon wheels as props
  • Cutout & paint a cactus from cardboard for the wall and/or foam board to stand up, DIY here
  • Make poster or cardboard saloon doors for the entryway
  • Create a siesta scene with a sleeping Mexican
    • Stuff a jacket & jeans with newspaper
    • Position boots & an empty tequila bottle
    • Place a sombrero over the top of the jacket
    • Optionally, add a Mexican poncho or blanket
  • Scatter hay or straw (sparingly) on the floor and walkway
  • Set-up a directional signpost with rustic or fiesta colored arrows to Mexican towns & points of interest
  • Paint a "La Cantina" sign for the entrance to the party area
  • Frame the doorway with an arch of painted stone blocks or tile
Give 'em a Sign

Harmonize your decor by repeating distinctive Mexican icons, symbols and motifs, such as:
  • Sombreros
  • Cacti
  • Aztec suns
  • Pinatas
  • Donkeys
  • Tacos
  • Maracas
  • Tequila
  • Ceramic pots
  • Margaritas
  • Mexican puppets
  • Paper/tissue flowers
  • Serapes
  • Mariachi bands
  • Sugar skulls
  • Chili peppers
  • Geckos
  • Papel picado
  • Guitars
  • Cow skulls
  • Mexican flags
  • Charro cowboys
  • Parrots
  • Aztec temples
  • Corona
Show Your Colors

Highlight your selected colors throughout the party area:
  • Neutralize the background with white, beige, & black to make your colors stand out 
  • Remove competing colors and objects that distract from your chosen palette
  • Repeat each color at least 5 times to maximize the effect
Fly High

Start at the top with hanging multicolored decorations, specifically:
  • Stretch papel picado (perforated paper) banners
  • Suspend round paper lanterns in varying sizes & heights
  • Alternate: Use white paper lanterns or metal rings with hanging colored ribbons
  • Intermix swaths of fabric
  • Fluff tissue or tulle puff balls
  • Crisscross flag or pennant banners
  • Make flower balls, DIY here
  • Hang folded serapes and/or serape placemats
  • Tie bandanas end-to-end
  • Open parasols upside down
  • Dangle ceiling swirls
  • String banners of Mexican flags
Also, decorate with cascading vines and flowering plants
Hang Mexican marionette puppets over the bar or serving table

Up the Walls

Enhance the background with wall decorations, trimmings, and backdrops:
  • Add one or two bands of vertical stripes by attaching serape runners to the wall
  • Print and frame over-sized Loteria cards
  • Frame serape placemats and/or papel picado
  • Create a multicolored backdrop of circles and stripes with:
    • Circles: Over-sized paper flowers and/or round fans 
    • Stripes: Serapes, striped fabric, streamers, ribbons, strips of cloth, or swaths of tulle
  • Arrange colored hats or sombreros in the shape of flowers
  • Make a garden of paper flowers
  • Cutout and paint cardboard Saguaro cacti

Serve 'em Right

Fire up your food service with unique details at appetizer spreads, self-serve buffets, salsa bars, dessert tables, and hors d'oeuvre trays:
  • Build tiers with down-turned terracotta flower pots topped with their saucers
  • Trim serving dishes with pom pom fringe
  • Use colored serveware including cake stands, beverage tubs, baskets, and utensil holders
  • Cascade chips and/or breads from overturned baskets
  • Border the table with overhanging serapes individually gathered and tied with a paper flower
  • Alternately, border the table with Mexican flags or papel picado 
  • Tie a colored bow onto each chafing dish handle
  • Serve salsa and/or toppings in giant margarita glasses and/or mocajetes
  • Decorate food with solid-color or Mexican flag toothpicks and mini papel picado banners
  • Elevate a sombrero with a cake stand and fill with chips
  • Include a mini Mexican themed centerpiece on serving trays

Raise the Bar

Lift spirits with extra fun touches and embellishments in cocktails and at the bar:
  • Dress-up beers in mini serape ponchos and charro sombreros
  • Skewer garnishes with Mexican flag toothpicks
  • Fill a margarita glass with hot tamale cinnamon candies
  • Rusticize the bar with weathered tin or galvanized metal
  • Make your own bar with a wood-grain tablecover, table skirt, & stand-alone shelf covered by a serape
  • For an old west look, hang a full length mirror horizontally behind the bar
  • Optionally, add a small shelf below
  • Hang Mexican themed string lights around the bartop, under the overhang, or behind the bar
  • Pass margarita or cactus Jell-o shots, recipe here

Focal Points & Centerpieces

Create a scene with vases, centerpieces, focal points, and accents:
  • Cultivate a focal point or centerpiece of potted cacti; adjust heights with risers underneath a serape
  • Fill separate glass vases with 
    • Cut limes, oranges, or lemons
    • Ball cactus or maracas
    • Party beads in different colors
    • Chili or bell peppers
  • Repurpose mocajetes as centerpiece vases
  • Use ceramic & glass jugs as vases
  • Optionally, wrap in colored fabric or papel picado
  • Frame a focal point or doorway with an arch of paper flowers
  • Paint the inside of clear glass beer, tequila, & margarita mix bottles or jars in different colors and use as vases
  • Alternately, fill clear glass bottles with colored water or fairy lights
  • Use a pinata as a centerpiece or to hold a flower arrangement
  • For a whimsical touch, make a Mexican centerpiece with a sombrero, poncho, eyes & mustache on a round glass vase
Light it Up

Give your event that magic touch with an extra beam of brilliance:
  • String colored or white lights along papel picado, pennant, and/or flag banners

  • Add fairy lights to Corona and Patron bottles
  • Decorate with Mexican theme string lights, such as cactus, margaritas, cow skulls, chili peppers, parrots, pinatas & sugar skulls
  • Assemble papel picado luminaries, DIY here
  • Make bell pepper tealight candles, DIY here
  • Set out cactus candlesticks or neon lights
  • Uplight walls and focal points with colored lights
  • Float candles in vases filled with water and chili peppers or limes
  • Include submersible colored floral lights in vases
  • Light Mexican religious saint candles
  • Use colored glow sticks on walkways or floating in the pool
Reception, Banquet & Dinner Table Settings

Bring your style to the table with coordinated color and details:

  • Different color top tablecover
  • Multicolored place settings & centerpiece
  • Alternate: Each place setting a different color
  • Alternate: Contrast centerpiece with top tablecover
  • Alternate: Match centerpiece with optional bottom tablecover
  • One color & one neutral at each table
  • Matching color place settings & centerpiece
  • Neutrals: White, black, or beige
  • Striped or serape top tablecover
  • Multicolored place settings & centerpiece
  • Optional: Coordinate place settings with stripe colors
  • Alternate: Match centerpiece with top or optional bottom tablecover
  • Rectangular: Different or multi-color place settings on a solid tablecover with serape table runners
  • Make flower pot sombrero placecard holders, DIY here
  • Wrap napkins with mini paper flower rings
  • Use papel picado or serape placemats
  • Loop colored party bead necklaces as napkin rings
Take it Outside

Use Spanish-language cans for vases or utensil holders
Make couches with serape blankets over hay bales

Favorite Things

Give thanks with thoughtful party favors:
  • Bottles of hot sauce
  • Maraca tied with a paper flower
  • Potted cactus
  • Chili pepper and/or cactus cheese spreaders
  • Sun shaped soap