DIY Fisherman's Net Coastal Christmas Tree

Combine the spirits of the season and seas for a fisherman’s net coastal Christmas tree for the holidays. 

All you need are a few push pins, a tape measure and a fishing net to have a ready-to-decorate, super-easy, no-mess symbol of Jesus and his great catch miracle.
  • Step 1 - Pin the points
  • Step 2 - Plan the lights
  • Step 3 - Hang the net
  • Step 4 - Decorate your tree
  • Step 5 - Accessorize
And, that’s all it takes to have your own fisherman’s net coastal Christmas tree, simply a matter of putting the pins in the right place.
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29 Under the Sea Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Combine the intrigue of the ocean depths with whimsical sea creatures to establish a unique and fun setting for a house or cocktail party. 

An underwater ocean theme offers endless options for decorating, food and drinks. Here are some of my favorite decorating ideas:
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Lighthouse Wedding & Decorating Ideas

The majestic lighthouse is an attractive addition to any sailing or nautical decorating scheme. Whether a maritime party, wedding or home decor, the iconic shape and unique patterns are instantly recognizable as fitting for the occasion.

I've included my decorating ideas for the:
  • Food & Serving Table
  • Dinner Table & Centerpiece
  • Lighting
  • Party Area & Bathroom
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5 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Shhh...It’s A Surprise!

Here are five baby shower theme ideas that will give your party planning skills a chance to shine. Impress your mommy-to-be guest of honor by marching right along with plans for a beautiful event. 
  • Nautical Theme Baby Shower
  • Garden Party Theme Baby Shower
  • Western Theme Baby Shower
  • Pink Flamingo Theme Baby Shower
  • Under the Sea Theme Baby Shower

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Decorating Ideas For Beach Parties

Evoke the care-free mood, festive spirit, and natural beauty of a day at the ocean with these decorating ideas for beach parties. Combining a relaxed atmosphere and cheerful decorations, beach parties are a theme that everyone can enjoy.

Choose one of these 3 beach themes as a guide or combine elements of each throughout your party:
  • Beach Fun: Elements of a day at the seashore, including activities & bright colors.
  • Surfer Surfari: All about surfing & surfers.
  • Seaside Scenery: Environmental & natural features from sand to sea gulls.
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Nautical Hors d’oeuvre, Drink & Dinner Menu Recipes

Nautical AppetizersAlthough common sailors traditionally survived on hard tack and grog throughout lengthy sea voyages, the officers’ table has always been graced with finer fare. 

Whether you embark on an all-expenses paid (by you) five-course gourmet dinner or are inviting the crew for a few drinks in the captain’s lounge, sail through the soiree by offering gustatory drinkable and edible delights. 

This menu has been crafted to complement our Nautical theme party ideas by incorporating maritime colors, icons, and tastes of the sea.
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Nautical Party Decorating Ideas

From literary classics to modern cinematic productions, the romance of sailing the high seas has permeated the popular imagination for centuries. Nautical Banquet Wedding SettingCommand an audience at your next soiree by crafting a well-planned party that incorporates maritime decor.

Find extensive decorating ideas for subtle, strategically-placed nautical decor for your next event. Details for outdoor, foyer, guestbook, nautical styles, party area, lighting, bar area, serving table, banquet centerpiece, place settings, hors d'oeuvre trays and bathroom decorating.  Plus, a list of common terms with nautical roots for naming drinks, appetizers, and tables.
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Seven Ocean-Themed Centerpieces for a Sun- Sand- and Surf-sational Soiree

Some 123.3 million Americans--or 39 percent of the population--live in counties directly on the shoreline. Of course, that means that 60 percent of us are a county away, a state away or half a Ocean Themed Centerpiecescontinent away from the ocean.  
And face it--even if you're nearby--it's always fun to bring a little beach home. 

With the right bits and pieces, you can create your own shoreline scene and invite your friends and family for a beach party. Start with one of these ocean-themed centerpieces for your table, then build on the theme for a sun-, sand- and surf-sational soiree.
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