13.5" Metal Oil Derrick Tower

13.5" Metal Oil Derrick Tower Centerpiece

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Elevate your country western decor to the highest standard with this painted black metal oil derrick centerpiece. This iconic symbol of the spirit and wealth of the American west is constructed with a fused metal framework tower and monkey board.
  • 13.5"H x 5" square base
  • 14.1 oz weight
  • Matte black painted metal

Then, add another twist to your mining or Texas themed decor with the 18" metal oil derrick pump jack centerpiece.

  • Start the conversation flowing with this original 13.5" metal oil derrick centerpiece.
  • Capture the spirit & wealth of the rugged west with this unique display.
  • 13.5"H x 5" square; 14.1 oz weight; matte black painted metal.
  • Add another twist to your country western or Texas themed decor with this undeniable symbol of the American west.
  • Create memorable parties and events with unique décor that your guests will notice.

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