Show your friends that you've got “fabulous” covered when it comes to party planning and decorating by hosting a fun Pink Flamingo themed event. 

Their gawky grace has endeared generations as lawn and garden ornaments, but this fresh new take on the classic theme will have guests flocking to your place for some retro-chic summer fun.

This Flamingo Party Decorating Walk-through includes suggestions for indoor and outdoor party spaces to maximize enjoyment.

Front Walkway/Porch
  • Create an “avenue” of Retro Yard Pink Flamingos evenly spaced along the sidewalk to give your guests an official welcome.
  • Alternatively, create a meandering flamingo flock by placing the birds in couples and small groups congregating in flower beds and grassy areas.
  • Wrap bushes and porch railings with pink/green string lights, or string them around the doorway.
  • Place an attractive Flamingo Lounge Sign on the front door to set the tone.
  • Use a decorative 24” Painted Metal Flock of 5 Flamingos as a foyer display to delight guests as they arrive.
  • A guestbook is always a fun keepsake, so make a scene of it. Create a Pink Feather Quill using dyed ostrich feathers taped to the end of a pen for signing; wrap with pink ribbon or leather stripping, and glue on sequins and rhinestones for dramatic effect.
Party Area
  • Incorporate accent lighting with attractively themed candle holders such as Palm Tree Tealight Holders on party area shelves, end tables, and mantels.
  • Hang pink streamers from the ceiling in a circle radiating from light fixtures and hang Pink & Green Ceiling Swirls for extra flash & dazzle. 
  • Switch up the throw pillows for flamingo-themed slipcovers or pink & green chevron stripes and/or solids.
  • Sprinkle a smattering of Pink Flamingos Confetti on surfaces and around candles.
  • Create small vignettes around the area on side tables and seating areas; for example, place the Metallic Foil Palm Tree Centerpiece and arrange a Carved Balsa Wood Pink Flamingo set in real sand as an attractive scene.
Bar/Back Porch
  • Fill a fishbowl or uniquely shaped clear glass vase with Green & Hot Pink Metallic Bead Necklaces to display as bar decorations, and add pink ostrich feathers and themed drink umbrellas if desired.
  • Hang Hot Pink Round Paper Lanterns and pink tissue paper pompoms from the ceiling for cute, space-conscious decor.
  • Add Pink Flamingo String Lights and Palm Tree Electric String Lights along the bar top to set alight the watering hole.
  • Use Palm Tree & Hibiscus Beverage Napkins and Pink Flamingos Confetti placed around the bar for a duo of decoration and utility.
  • Create a mini vignette for the bar top or party area tables: Fill a large glass ashtray with real sand and arrange Retro Yard Flamingo Candles with Steel Legs and accompanying wading pool & camper for an adorable scene that will delight even non-smoking guests.
Dinner/Serving Tables 
  • Decorate food trays with small themed trinkets like mini flamingo statuettes and Metallic Palm Tree Weights.
  • Add pink ostrich feathers and Glitterball Sprays to floral bouquets to make a dramatic impression. Place the bouquet in a clear vase and sink a Pink Submersible LED Floral Accent lights in the water for radiant effect.
  • Create your own centerpiece by pressing ostrich feathers into a foam ball (alternate: hot glue a pink feather boa around the ball) placed in an over-sized Martini glass filled with Large Pink Diamonds; then drape with metallic beads for added glamour. 
  • Place Pink Flamingo Salt & Pepper sets on the dinner or serving tables so that guests can add a little spice if they want it.
  • Use Pink Feather Boas as table runners to add an extra dose of kitsch to table centerpieces.
  • Use Hot Pink glass Votive Holders to incorporate mood lighting into the eating space without going too over-the-top.
Guest Bathroom
  • Place a small themed statuette like the Pink Flamingo Glass Sculpture on the counter or tank and sprinkle liberally with Pink Flamingos Confetti.
  • Add attractive Embroidered Hand Towels featuring pink flamingo and palm tree designs.
  • Fun Green Palm Tree Shaped Soaps will impress guests with your attention to detail.
Just for Fun Wearables 

Suggest that your guests sport pink party-wear to get in the spirit, and welcome your guests with fun wearable decorations as they walk in the door such as:
  • Pink wigs
  • Feather masks
  • Flamingo sunglasses
  • Hawaiian shirts
  • Pink leis & bead necklaces

What are some of your decorating ideas for throwing a fabulous Pink Flamingo Party?

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