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Snowman Winter Holiday

Decorating Ideas For A Snowman Winter Party

Keep the spirits high and the party happy with a Snowman Winter Party.  Whether you;re looking for ideas for a January party, trying to minimize the religious symbolism of your holiday event, or just want a theme everyone can enjoy, you can't go wrong with the jolly snowman! 

Snowman Decorating Basics

There are four basic rules we follow to achieve a delicate balance of a fun and engaging party atmosphere that will also convey taste and style:

1)  Strategic placement of decorations:
  • Choose locations most guests will eventually visit.
  • Place accents where guests are likely to "stumble upon" them.
  • Plan decorations to be discovered over the duration of the party.
  • Key positions include:

Welcome every guest as he or she arrives with a prominent decoration at, or along, the designated entrance.  A great option is to build and decorate a snowman to greet your visitors.

But just in case there isn't any snow, buy a snowman yard stake to station along the front walk or in a potted plant (as shown).  Place the plant inside the foyer or outside the front door depending upon visibility and space. Alternatively, hang a snowman on the front door to set a cheerful tone.


Nearly every guest will visit or socialize near the bar, which makes it an ideal location for a prominent tabletop snowman.
Buy snowman cocktail napkins and sprinkle a little snowflake confetti to add some festivity to the scene. Fill a bowl with bead necklaces in your theme colors for your guests to take as favors.

Prepare a Snow Gin Fizz cocktail or a Snowball in Hell martini and garnish with a cocktail onion snowman or snowman poop. Snowman drink and garnish details are detailed under cocktail ideas.


Passing hors d'oeuvres on trays not only adds a touch of style and elegance, but introduces another level of excitement as guests anticipate the next tray of intricately assembled bites. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce another snowman character to each guest as the tray is passed.  Buy small and sturdy accents as serving tray centerpieces for each type of hors d'oeuvre to delight your guests over the duration of the party.  Use the centerpieces as party area decorations once the appetizer has been served.

We have also included some charming snowman appetizer recipes under food ideas.


Make it a Wow! by creating a mini-scene as your snowman focal point. For a dinner party, this will be your dinner table centerpiece. For a buffet, amaze your guests with your theme display. The food will soon be forgotten, but your decorations will be remembered for a lifetime.

For parties centered around cocktails and conversation, the location of your focal point is flexible.  Choose a setting that is clearly visible when you enter the room. For example, a table in the center of the foyer or on the fireplace mantel. 

In the party area, select a corner or opposing wall from where you enter the room. Create your focal point by setting your scene on a high table in place of a chair or other furniture. Orient the room furnishings around your focal point and the bar. Use lighting to highlight the area.


Virtually every guest will visit the bathroom at some point, making it an excellent showplace for your distinctive decorations. Not only will you have a captive audience, but it keeps your party interesting as guests discover little surprises throughout the evening.

Look for creative snowmen, like the shopping lady snowman pictured. Then, add decorative snowman guest towels and white round soaps to look like tiny snowballs. Sprinkle a few pieces of snowflake confetti to complete the bathroom experience.


In addition to your snowman focal point centerpiece, buy snowman salt & pepper shakers for another impressive detail.  Instead of putting a bowl of beads on the bar, use each strand as a napkin ring and a dinner necklace for each guest!

Place a single cocktail napkin in the center of each place setting, charger, or dinner plate to add color before placing the stack at the bar for pre-dinner cocktails.  Sprinkle snowflake confetti sparingly down the center of the table around your centerpiece.

Look for unique winter scene taper candles for lighting during dinner. Use votive candles in red & white for additional lighting if needed. Check out our dinner party guide for more planning tips.


Your party area should be just large enough to accommodate your guests to encourage mingling and conversation while discouraging sitting.

For this reason, any decorations you place in this area should be at or just above eye level.  Place items on the mantel, high shelves or hang them on the wall. Besides your bar decorations and focal point display, you may want to add some votive candles and/or mini-lights in your theme colors. 

Use mini-lights on the outside of the house, around the front door, columns, on trees or plants, indoors or out. String them along the top of cabinets, bookshelves, the mantel, or around door frames. Use mini-lights to eliminate the need for overhead lights in the bathroom or staked along a walkway.

Alternate glass balls or marbles with mini lights in a glass bowl or vase for a stunning presentation.  Or just place a strand in a crystal bowl for a dazzling display as pictured above.

2)  Repetition:  Choose colors and/or motifs and repeat them as often as possible to reinforce your theme.
  • Suggested Colors: 
    • Primary: White
    • Secondary: Red
    • You may also use a third color for accents, choose one:  silver or light blue or green
  • Suggested Motif:   
    • Primary:  Snowman
    • Secondary: Snowflake accents
3)  Tasteful decorations:
  • Buy quality and understated accents that are thoughtful and clever.
  • Seek out the unique and distinctive to make things memorable.
  • Avoid gaudy, in-your-face decorations.
  • Pass over common and cheap-looking paper and plastic items.
4)  Neutral background:
  • Neutralize the background when necessary to make your decorations stand out.
  • Remove competing colors and objects in the party areas that distract from your theme.
  • If necessary, replace them with neutral and complementary items. For example, pull back teal curtains to show white sheers; replace orange throw pillows with cream.
  • Use your theme colors whenever possible.