14-Foot Red, White & Blue Pleated Plastic Table Skirt
Patriotic Red, White & Blue Pleated Plastic Table Skirt

14-Foot Red, White & Blue Pleated Plastic Table Skirt

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Cover those legs and dress-up your patriotic table for an American, French, British or any one of 38 countries that have national flags of red, white and blue with a pleated plastic table skirt. Made of lightweight plastic, this reusable table skirt measures 14 feet long x 29 inches tall and features peel-and-stick-tape along the back of the pleated top.
  • 1 count
  • 14-feet x 29 inches
  • Lightweight plastic
  • Peel and stick tape (one-time use, not reusable)
Note: The peel-and-stick-tape is one time use only and is not reusable, however the old standby of straight pins will work for subsequent events. Personally, I would use a few straight pins with the tape on the first use too, just in case. (It's very embarrassing to lose your skirt).

From Wikipedia: Countries with a Tricolour flag or banner having the three colors of red, white and blue (38 total):

  The flag of Australia
  The flag of Cambodia
  The flag of Chile
  The flag of the Cook Islands
  The flag of Costa Rica
  The flag of Croatia
  The flag of Cuba
  The flag of the Czech Republic
  The flag of Dominican Republic
  The flag of the Faroe Islands
  The flag of France
  The flag of Haiti
  The flag of Iceland
  The flag of North Korea
  The flag of South Korea
  The flag of Laos
  The flag of Liberia
  The flag of Luxembourg
  The flag of Malaysia
  The flag of Nepal
  The flag of the Netherlands
  The flag of New Zealand
  The flag of Norway
  The flag of Panama
  The flag of Paraguay
  The flag of the Philippines
  The flag of Puerto Rico
  The flag of Russia
  The flag of Samoa
  The flag of Schleswig-Holstein
  The flag of Serbia
  The flag of Sint Maarten
  The flag of Slovakia
  The flag of Slovenia
  The flag of Taiwan
  The flag of Thailand
  The Union Flag of the United Kingdom
  The flag of the United States

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