Theme: Underwater
Concept: House 

Party Title: Under the Sea

Think...whimsical underwater cocktail party

Combine the intrigue of the ocean depths with whimsical sea creatures to establish a unique and fun setting for a house or cocktail party. 
An underwater ocean theme offers endless options for decorating, food and drinks. Here are some of my favorite decorating ideas: 

1.  Effectively replicate an underwater environment by using blue, teal and white as your theme colors; optionally, also use purple.

2.  An underwater party is one of the few themes I advocate using balloons because they are a great way to emulate bubbles.

3.  Flank your front entrance with columns of balloons in blue and teal, or create an archway for entry.

4.  String transparent white or champagne balloons of varying sizes up from the floor, table center or hanging from the ceiling to create a trail of bubbles in the party area.

5.  Hang dolphin, whale and shark balloons along the entrance and throughout the party area.

6.  Tape, twist, then tape green crepe streamers partially up walls to simulate seaweed.

7.  Tape, twist, then tape blue and teal streamers up the wall behind the bar to create the distorting effect of water.

8.  Drape blue, teal, purple and white fabric and/or tulle on the walls and from the ceiling.

9.  Weight strings of transparent balloon "bubbles" with brightly colored tropical fish and jellyfish wind chimes over table centers and/or throughout the party area.

10.  Use blue, teal and/or green light bulbs in fixtures at the front entrance and in the party area.

11.  Create streaming sunlight and shadows with downcast spotlights.

12.  Run mini & fairy lights along railings, banisters and door frames.

13.  Shine a spotlight on a spinning disco ball to simulate the effect of shimmering sunlight underwater.

14.  Fill vases with waterbeads and illuminate with submersible floral lights in blue, teal, green and purple.

15.  Decorate with starfish and shell garland.

16.  Spray paint wood branches blue, teal, white and/or red to simulate coral.

17.  Use whimsical sea life string lights for indirect lighting accents, such as sea turtles, shells, lobsters, whales, and tropical fish.

18.  Give away fish, lobster, shell, sea turtle, crab, starfish and treasure chest shaped soaps as party favors.

19.  Serve cocktails, wine, and beer with sea life themed beverage napkins.

20.  Liberally place blue, teal and frosted votive candle holders throughout the party area.

21.  Hang teal and blue ceiling swirls to mimic the color and movement of ocean waves.
22.  Make a giant pink octopus to hang from the ceiling with a pink punchball or large balloon and pink crepe tissue streamers.

23.  Blow real bubbles with a bubble machine and hand out bubbles as party favors.

24.  Make giant tropical fish and jellyfish from round paper lanterns in one or more colors.

25.  Create smaller tropical fish with hanging round paper fans.

26.  Hang fishing net with plastic fish or cutouts against underwater-themed bulletin board paper.

27.  Bunch blue or teal tulle to create an underwater centerpiece background against a white tablecloth.

28.  Decorate liberally with sea shells and starfish.

29.  Use one or more of these items associated with this concept (motifs): 
  • Sea Life
    • Tropical Fish
    • Octopus
    • Seahorses
    • Starfish
    • Swordfish
    • Jellyfish
    • Crabs
    • Lobsters
    • Sharks
    • Whales
    • Dolphins
    • Eels
    • Sea Turtles
    • Anemone
    • Sponges
    • Sand Dollars
    • Sea Urchins
    • Coral
    • Seaweed
  • Sea Shells
    • Clams/Giant Clam
    • Oysters
    • Scallops
    • Conch
    • Nautilus
  • Mermaids
  • Neptune
  • Bubbles
  • Sand
  • Pearls
  • Divers/Helmets
  • Fishing Nets
  • Anchors
  • Submarines
  • Sunken
    • Treasure
    • Ships/Titanic
    • Airplanes
Tell us about your unique under the sea theme party ideas.

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