Ivory Votive Candle - 15 hr, Unscented, Flared
15-Hour, Unscented Ivory Votive Candle

Ivory Votive Candle - 15 hr, Unscented, Flared

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When using decorative or colored votive candle holders, a simple ivory or white votive candle is all you need. And, with a 15 hr burn life, these candles are sure to last as long as the party! The warm soft glow of candlelight is our preferred choice for most party lighting.

  • 2" tall
  • 1-3/8" base widens to 1-3/4" at top
  • 1.8 oz
  • Unscented
  • All Vegetable Wax
Votive candles are also known as prayer candles, because their original use was as an  offering in a church or sacred place. "To light a candle" for someone means to say a prayer and light a votive candle for them.

TIP:  If your candles look a little dull and chalky, make them shiny and bright with just a small amount of cooking oil on a soft rag.

PLEASE NOTE:  Votive candles are not intended to be free standing.

The entire candle will melt into liquid oil when lit, therefore it is important to burn votives only in a tight-fitting, open-top holder. The space between the candle and holder should be 1/3-inch or less for optimal burn.

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