Beach & Coastal Themed Centerpieces

If you crave the motion of ocean waves, cherish sand between your toes, or just love beach music, recreate those magic moments and good vibrations with a metaphorical change in latitude for a fun, fun, fun beach themed escape.

And, we're here to get your creative juices flowing so you can be young, foolish, and happy, while you fashion some kind of wonderful coastal centerpieces for your beach party scene.

Coastal Themed Centerpieces

Whether your style favors natural, vintage, or festive elements, all eyes will be on your beach & coastal table centerpieces and focal points.

Painted Pineapple Vases

      Paint hollowed-out pineapples for a set of color-coordinated vases
Metallic Gold Seashells

      Add glitz with a variety of seashells & starfish painted metallic gold
VW Surfer Bus & Hula Girls

      Feature vintage-style VW buses and hula girls
Conch Shell Vase

      Fill a conch shell with flowers for a striking display
Shark Fin

      Center a shark fin on blue-covered tables
Flowers in Sand

      Group glass vases of flower blossoms in sand
Surfer Silhouette

      Stir it up with a surfer silhouette against sun and surfboard cutouts
Oyster Shell Garland

      Extend a garland of oyster shells for a table centerpiece runner
Lifeguard Chair

      Highlight lifeguard chairs and vintage changing room cabanas
Pineapple & Coconut Characters

      Make pineapple and coconut characters
Mini Beach Ball Float

      Float a mini beach ball in blue-colored water
Oranges in Vase

      Fill a glass vase with whole or cut oranges, limes or lemons

Make lasting impressions when you add a little extra creativity to your beach and coastal themed centerpieces and focal points.

Have fun!

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