Ocean Horizon Backdrop

Fill your party space with ocean views as far as the eye can see with this super-easy seaside horizon backdrop.

This simple optical illusion can fill any size space with two shades of blue bulletin board paper or fabric and makes a great bar background.

Ocean Horizon Bar Backdrop

Materials Used

      1 roll sky-blue bulletin board paper
      1 roll navy-blue bulletin board paper
      We really like the "Better Than Paper" brand of bulletin board paper because it has a plastic coating that makes it so much easier to use.

Ocean Horizon Backdrop Sky

      Hang the sky-blue bulletin board paper along the top of a blank wall to fill the designated space.
      Add a single layer of light blue tulle over the paper to even out the color and reduce glare (optional).

Ocean Horizon Backdrop Water

      Add the navy blue paper bulletin board paper with the top edge at eye level.
      Add a single layer of glittered, turquoise or blue tulle over the paper to even out the color and add a shimmer to the water's surface (optional).

Ocean Horizon Backdrop Sailboat

     Add a ship, sailboat, lighthouse, or island to your horizon (optional).

Ocean Horizon Backdrop Tulle Edge

      Use tulle, sheers, curtains, or fabric if you need to transition any of the edges.

Ocean Horizon Bar Backdrop

      And, that's all it takes to create an ocean horizon backdrop!

Ocean Horizon Real Life Bar Backdrop

      For reference, this is the real-life ocean horizon photo that we used for inspiration.

Make a big impression on your guests when you include a sweeping view of the ocean on a distant wall, at the end of a hallway, or behind the bar.

Have fun!

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Thomas M.

Date 6/29/2023

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