Birthday Themes by Personality Type

When planning a birthday celebration for an adult, you can make it even more special with a party theme that reflects the personality of your guest of honor.

This is a great way to create a fresh and unexpected experience that still resonates with the inner spirit of the birthday boy or girl.

Bon Voyage 30s Nautical Birthday Party

Here are some of our party theme ideas categorized by these seven personality types:

  • Glamorous
  • Adventurer
  • Artistic
  • Outdoorsman
  • Free Spirit
  • Nature Lover
  • Cerebral


Hollywood Red Carpet

  • Go glam when you go Hollywood for a movie-themed event featuring flashing photographers, big lights, and lots of attitude. Have your guests dress as their favorite movie star for a costume party.
  • Decor: A red carpet leading into the party venue, gold ropes, life-size Oscar statues, and Hollywood signs.

Luxury Brand

  • Embrace the world of high fashion with an exclusive soiree celebrating the world of luxury & opulence.
  • Decor: Fashion show runway, logos and design elements from top luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

Great Gatsby

  • Step back in time for the splendor and sparkle of the Roaring Twenties with all the glitz of a Great Gatsby party theme.
  • Decor: Gold & black colors, Art Deco designs, opulent chandeliers, feathers and pearls.

Denim & Diamonds

  • Unwind in your favorite denim and dazzle with your brightest diamonds where rugged meets radiant.
  • Decor: Crystal chandeliers, mirrored tabletops, and diamond confetti combined with denim table runners, napkins, and accents.


Expedition Everest

  • Strap on your hiking boots for an exhilarating expedition to Everest without ever leaving the city.
  • Decor: Tents and climbing gear, prayer flags, white sheers & drapery, cool white lighting to give an icy, high-altitude feel.

Jungle Safari Adventure

  • Grab your binoculars and lace up your boots for a tropical adventure into the wild heart of the jungle.
  • Decor: Tropical plants, bamboo, animal prints, tents & canopies, safari hats, old world globes, and vintage cameras.

Deep-Sea Dive Exploration

  • Plunge into the mysterious depths of the ocean with the marine motifs and hidden treasures of a deep-sea-dive-exploration theme.
  • Decor: Blue lighting, diving equipment & cage, shipwrecks, glow-in-the-dark marine life, balloons as bubbles, depth markers, drape walls dark blue & purple tulle.

Desert Oasis Mirage

  • Let the desert winds guide you to a night of illusion, luxury, and delight with an oasis mirage party theme.
  • Decor: Jute, rattan & wood, Bedouin-style tent, lush greenery, sand-colored fabrics as dunes and shiny material to mimic water.


Painter's Art Studio

  • Paint a picture-perfect party with an art studio theme to celebrate the joy and freedom of artistic expression.
  • Decor: Easels, art supplies, palettes, paint-splattered tablecloths & runners, paint cans, brushes, & lots of color.

Frida Kahlo Fiesta

  • Immerse yourself in a world filled with color, passion, and the spirit of Mexico by celebrating the spirit and resilience of Frida Kahlo as your party theme.
  • Decor: Vibrant colors, Mexican decor, self-portrait station, and traditional Mexican food.

Street Art & Graffiti Jam

  • Hit the streets and dive into an electrifying world of vibrant color, bold design, & rebellious spirit with a graffiti art jam theme.
  • Decor: Create an urban streetscape with street signs, graffiti tagged brick wall backdrops, spray paint can centerpieces, neon lighting, and artist smocks.

Impressionist Garden Party

  • Step into a dreamy world of soft hues & dappled sunlight inspired by Monet, Renoir, and Degas with an impressionist garden party as your theme.
  • Decor: Use pastel colors, water lilies, gauzy fabrics on furniture, trees & tables, fairy lights, vintage garden furniture, easels with impressionist floral paintings.


Wild West Rodeo

  • Saddle up and get ready to capture the spirit of the wild west for a rootin' tootin good time party theme.
  • Decor: Hay bales, horseshoes, cowboy hats, boots, badges, wanted posters, playing cards, gold coins & nuggets, six-shooters, boot hill, & money bags.

Backwoods Campout

  • Pack your adventurous spirit and gear up for a night of wilderness fun with a backwoods camping party theme.
  • Decor: Tents, campfire, s'mores, sleeping bags, backpacks, compasses, and lanterns.

Hunter’s Lodge

  • Grab your flannel and hiking boots for a night of rustic revelry with a hunter's lodge theme.
  • Decor: Antlers, camouflage, wood logs & slices, lanterns, pine cones, maps, faux fur or plaid blankets, mason jar candles, and hunting gear.

Fishing Retreat

  • Cast away your worries and dive into a reel good time with a fishing retreat party theme.
  • Decor: Fishing poles, water lilies, oars, nets, tackle boxes, bobbers, lures, lanterns, rowboats, fish, lake & river maps.

Free Spirit

Bohemian Bliss

  • Bring out your inner boho with the peace, love, and free-spirited vibes of a bohemian bliss theme.
  • Decor: Mix of colorful textiles, mismatched pillows, dreamcatchers, lanterns, ornate trays, and a sprinkling of fairy lights. Low-seating, Moroccan rugs, macrame hangings, and plenty of plants.

Hippie Summer of Love

  • Relive the best of the 60s with a Summer of Love theme where music is groovy and love is all around.
  • Decor: Bold colors, psychedelic patterns, tye-dye, fringe, flower power, VW van, lava lamps, beaded curtains, peace signs, & flower garlands.

Beachcomber's Paradise

  • Set your compass to FUN and follow the tides to the capitivating treasures of a beachcomber's paradise theme.
  • Decor: Bonfire, tiki torches, shells, driftwood, beach chairs, tropical plants & ferns, surfboards, & pineapples.

Gypsy Caravan

  • We foresee an unbelievably fun occurrence and unforgettable happening in your future...the magical journey awaits!
  • Decor: Bold jewel-tone colors, layered fabrics with varying patterns, colorful pillows, metal cut-out lanterns, crystals, beaded curtains, plants, tambourines, & mismatched ornate dishes.

Nature Lover

Gardener's Greenhouse

  • Bring your green thumb and plant-loving heart for a trip back to nature with a gardener's greenhouse theme.
  • Decor: Abundant greenery, colorful floral arrangements, potted plants, garden tools, seed packets, straw hats, gloves.

Barnyard Bash

  • Keep it country with a farm theme adventure amidst the clucks, moos, and baas.
  • Decor: Hay bales, red & white checkered tablecloths, picket fences, mason jars, barnwood, vegetables, tractor & cowboy boot centerpieces, cow print, farm tools, & bandanas.

Birdwatcher's Paradise

  • Fluff up your feathers for an avian adventure to celebrate tweets, chirps, and trills with a birdwatcher's paradise theme.
  • Decor: Binoculars, birdhouses, feathers, nests, eggs, cages, birdseed, plants, logs, & stones.

Woodland Wonderland

  • Escape to an enchanting forest of whispering trees and whimsical delights with a woodland wonderland party theme.
  • Decor: Moss, ivy, greenery, tree silhouettes, mushrooms, acorns, pine cones, wildflowers, leaves, nests, stone pathways, wood slices & logs.


Vintage Library

  • Check out some classic literary charm with a vintage library theme featuring real books on the hush-hush.
  • Decor: Index cards, world globes, bust sculptures, antique typewriters, hardcover books and pages, bookshelves, reading glasses, chalkboards, and banker’s lamps.

Mad Scientist Lab

  • Formulate your own mad science lab theme with electrifying experiments, bubbling potions, & unexpected reactions.
  • Decor: Bubbling beakers, colored liquids, flasks, chalkboards, test tubes, lab coats, periodic charts, microscopes, warning signs, safety goggles, dry ice.

Historical Time Travel

  • Embark on a journey through the ages with a historical time travel theme. Have guests dress as their favorite historical figure.
  • Decor: Set up several historical periods of time such as: Ancient Greece, Renaissance, Victorian England, & Roaring 20s.

Cosmic Cocktail Party

  • Hang the moon and the stars to create a galactic good time with a celestial themed event.
  • Decor: Black lights & tonic water in drinks will glow, galaxy jars, planetary orbs, star string lights, rockets, aliens, telescopes.

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