10 Secrets - How to Throw a Fabulous Party

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the most fabulous parties seem to unfold naturally and effortlessly, but the key is careful planning and preparation long before the first guest arrives. Many hosts develop this skill with years of experience, but with our top 10 secrets to fabulous parties, you can host an exceptional party next week!
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Planning A Dinner Seating Arrangement

Whether you are a group of 4 dining out or you are hosting a dinner party for 12, planning your dinner seat arrangement will enhance conversation and fun for your guests. Contrary to popular belief, the success of a dinner party is more about the guests and conversation than what you serve.
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How To Make A Party Music Playlist

Step-by-step instructions on building a party music playlist that will:
  • set the mood,
  • increase the energy level over the duration of the party,
  • take your guests on an emotional ride of rises & falls, 
  • interject humor & smiles,
  • surprise & entertain each guest on a personal level,
  • reinforce your theme.
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