How to Host a Winning Marathon Party

Let's make one thing clear from the start--by Marathon Party, we're not talking about a really long event that lasts for days and leaves you wondering how Gatsby did it. We're talking about a party that supports those crazy people who travel 26.2 miles without ever using a car. 

Even if you, like me, never plan to run or even walk a marathon or half-marathon, we get a lift by supporting the people who do. So if you suddenly find your home on a marathon route, there's only one thing to do:  Throw a party! 

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15 Must-Haves for Your Next Impromptu Party

Ever want to be THAT girl or guy--the one who can throw a fab little soirée at a moment's notice? Trust me, you can be. Impromptu doesn't mean no planning; it just means you're ready at a moment's notice. All you need to do is stock the cupboards, fridge and freezer, throw on a smile and look for an occasion that calls for a spontaneous party.

What occasions call for a party?
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How To Plan A Banquet: Staffing

Whether your banquet is big or small, at some point you will need the assistance of others.  
Your primary responsibilities will be to effectively recruit, motivate, organize, delegate, train, and manage your assembled staff. Your success depends entirely upon your work force of 3 types of helpers. 
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How To Plan A Banquet: Site Selection

Given that many venues are booked years in advance, the highest priority when planning a banquet should be given to selecting and reserving a site for your event. Here we will review key criteria in choosing a facility, the types of venues available, and things to look for during an in-person inspection.
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How To Plan A Banquet: The Basics & Budget

Although there are some similarities to planning a cocktail or dinner party, organizing and hosting a banquet event presents a number of unique challenges and details.  This is the first of a series of blogs on how to plan a banquet.

And like all party planning, the first step is to establish a few basic fundamentals. For banquet planning we start with:  purpose, dress, budget, number of guests, and date & time.
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Planning A Dinner Seating Arrangement

Whether you are a group of 4 dining out or you are hosting a dinner party for 12, planning your dinner seat arrangement will enhance conversation and fun for your guests. Contrary to popular belief, the success of a dinner party is more about the guests and conversation than what you serve.
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How To Make A Party Music Playlist

Step-by-step instructions on building a party music playlist that will:
  • set the mood,
  • increase the energy level over the duration of the party,
  • take your guests on an emotional ride of rises & falls, 
  • interject humor & smiles,
  • surprise & entertain each guest on a personal level,
  • reinforce your theme.
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