19" Black Queen Anne's Revenge Pirate Ship

19" Black Queen Anne's Revenge Pirate Ship

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Embolden your pirate party decor with this nefarious 19" long x 17" tall reproduction of Blackbeard's notorious 18th century frigate flagship, Queen Anne's Revenge. Painted in black with gold accents and mounted on a black base with a gold name plate reading "QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE", this intimidating wood replica of buccaneer history has 3 fully-rigged sailing masts of menacing black sails bearing skulls & cross swords, a Jolly Roger flag at the top of the center mast, anchors hanging from brass chains, and 5 protruding cannons on each side of the ship. 
  • Ship: 19" long x 17" tall (including base) x 4" wide 
  • Base: 9.75" long x 2 wide x 1.5" high 
  • Wood ship & base; fabric sails; plastic anchor; metal chain 
  • Weighs 1 lb, 11 oz 
  • Fully assembled, boxed
Built in 1710 by the British, the ship was captured by the French and used as a slave ship until pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold took over the 200-ton vessel in 1717. Hornigold made one of his men, Edward Teach aka Blackbeard, captain of La Concorde, who renamed the ship Queen Anne's Revenge, as an insult to George I, her successor.

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