5 Simple Candy-Themed Arrangements

Top off birthday parties, movie night, dessert tables, and sugar-filled celebrations in whimsical style with colorful candy-themed arrangements, sprays, and stems.

Nothing lifts the mood like an explosion of sweet treats, so we have put together 5 simple ideas to create festive candy-themed mini-spectacles to cheer up any table, home, or party scene.

1.  Candy Dots, Macarons & Marshmallows

Floral Stems Used

      32" Mixed Candy Dot & Sugarcoated Balls Curly Spray (2)
      28" Blue-Sugarcoated Marshmallows With Sprinkles Spray
      25" Multicolor Macaron Pastries Candy Land Pick/Spray (2)
      48" 10mm White Large-Pearl Party Bead Necklaces (in vase)

2.  Curls & Candy Balls With Sprinkles

Floral Stems Used

      19" Iridescent Pink Curly Balls Spray/Pick (2)
      27" Candy Balls with Multicolor Sprinkles Spray/Pick - Blue
      34" White Sequined Twig Floral Spray/Pick

3.  Licorice Candy Canes & Swirl Taffy

Floral Stems Used

      27" Black & White Chenille Curly-Q Candy Cane Spray/Pick
      32" Red & Green Swirl-Taffy & Glitter Balls Floral Pick/Spray
      26" Chenille Black & White Striped Triad Floral Spray/Pick

4.  Pink Macarons, Blue Berries & Sugar Cookie Flowers

Floral Stems Used

      27" Fuzzy Pink Macarons With Sprinkles Floral Pick/Spray
      28" Glittered Blue Berries & Shiny Pink Balls Spray/Pick
      23" Sugar Cookies & Sour-Tarts Poinsettias Floral Stem/Spray
      Acrylic Crystal Ice Rocks Table Scatter - Pastel Pink (in vase)

5.  Popcorn Explosion

Floral Stems Used

      31" White Iridescent Pom-Pom Ball Floral Spray/Pick
      31" Artificial Short-Cut Ivory Pampas Grass Stem/Spray
      7.5" Plastic Red & White Striped Popcorn Boxes

Make a big impact when you add color, whimsy, and all-around good vibes to any occasion or room with a simple mix and match of 3 to 5 candy-themed floral stems.

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Have fun!

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