Wrapped-Candy Decoration DIY

Magnify your sugar-themed fun when you indulge your party scene with oversized wrapped-candy decorations.

You can make this giant sweet confectionary simulation in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors with a paper lantern, cellophane, & 2 zip ties.

Oversized Wrapped Candy Decorations

Oversized Wrapped Candy Materials

Materials Used

      Clear cellophane, 36" x 36+" square or 24" wide roll
      10" paper lantern
      2 small white zip ties
      Clear packaging tape

Oversized Wrapped Candy Cellophane Cut
Make a 36" x 36+" cellophane square from a 24" wide roll:

      Cut two 36" long pieces from a 24" wide cellophane roll.
      Lay out side by side, lengthwise.
      Overlap the pieces about 2 inches.
      Tape together the length of the overlap with transparent tape.
      Turn over and tape the other side.
      This makes a 36" x 46" (36+) cellophane wrapper.

Oversized Wrapped Candy Paper Lantern
Wrap the cellophane around the lantern:

      Assemble the 10" paper lantern according to manufacturer's directions.
      Position the lantern in the center along the 36" long edge.
      The lantern's open ends should point to the sides.
      Tape the cellophane edge to the lantern with transparent tape.
      Roll the lantern to the opposite 36" long edge and tape.

Oversized Wrapped Candy Zip Ties
Zip tie the ends:

      Gather the cellophane at each end and use a zip tie to hold in place.
      Trim ends of zip ties.

Note: For reference, we made our candy wrapper extend the diameter of the candy (10") on each side.

Oversized Wrapped Candy Paper Lanterns on Wall
Hang or display:

      Decorate walls or hang from the ceiling with fishing line.
      We used push pins through each side of the cellophane to hold in place.
      You could also use Velcro.

Note: For other wrapped-candy sizes, use a square piece of cellophane. Multiply the candy diameter by 3.5 to get the length & width to use.

Introduce creative props and unexpected surprises to delight guests, start conversations, and create memorable focal points throughout your event.

Have fun!

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