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1. Pink Tiger Lilies  

Pink Tiger Lilies

1: Place floral foam in bottom of container. 

2: Position flower bushes in floral foam to hold in place. 

3: You may want to add vase filler to weight down the container; I just used acrylic ice rocks.Pink Tiger Lilies Items

2. Daisies & Lace

Purple Gerbera Daisies & Yellow Queen Anne's Lace

1: Separate the Queen Anne’s Lace stems.

2: Intermix 2 of the Queen Anne’s Lace stems with the Gerbera daisies at a slightly lower height.

3: Tie them all together with a zip-tie or wire twisty.

4: Bend ends to fit container.

Daisies & Lace Items

3. White Sunflowers

White Sunflowers

1: Position the  Wild White Sunflowers spray behind the Queen Anne's Lace stems. We did not separate the 3 Queen Anne’s Lace stems.

2: Arrange the Lace around the Sunflowers and slightly lower.

3: Add 2 stems of Short-Cut Ivory Pampas Grass to the back.

4: Tie it together with a zip-tie or wire twisty to hold in place.

5: Bend and/or cut to fit container.White Sunflowers Items

4. Spring Flower Mix

Spring Flower MixNote: If you like the look of pampas grass (I do), foxtail is a great way to get the same soft, billowy aesthetic in fun size!

1: Add each flower one at a time starting with the Queen Anne’s Lace in front. We did not separate the 3 stems.

2: Next add the Mini Gerbera Daisies behind the Lace and just a little higher. Intermix each group as you go.

3: Add the Forsythia behind the Daisies and mix.

4: Insert the Clematis Leaf into the center and spread out to each side.

5: Add the foxtail last from behind.

6: Tie it all together with a zip-tie or wire twisty.

7: Bend and/or cut the stems to fit into container.

Spring Flower Mix Items

5. Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin Oranges

1: Separate Silk Wax Leaf Plant stems.

2: Position Wax Leaf stems along Mandarin Orange Branch at different heights.

3: Tie together with zip-tie or wire twisty.

4: Bend or cut to fit container.

5: Use vase filler to add weight to container. 

6: We added a little fake moss to the top to hide our vase filler (acrylic ice rocks).Mandarin Oranges Items

6. Easter Candy

Easter Candy

1: Tie the 3 stems together with a zip-tie or wire twisty with the Blue Berries & Pink Balls in front, then the Sugar Cookies & Sour-Tarts Poinsettias, and the Fuzzy Pink Macarons in back.

2: Adjust and position each element for balance.

3: Bend and/or cut stems to fit container; we just used an everyday glass cylinder vase.

4: Fill with pink acrylic rocks.Easter Candy Items

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Have fun and Happy Easter!

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