I love using floral arrangements as a focal point because it takes such a relatively small amount of effort to create such a big impact. You can add color, whimsy, and all-around good vibes to any occasion or room with just a fluff, cut, and twist.

Not only do today’s artificial flowers look realistic, they have perfect color, are easy to bend into shape, and the best part is that you can use them over and over again for years to come. 

Here are 6 ideas that I’m using for Spring & Easter this year. They are so easy that you'll laugh that I even wrote it down.

1. Pink Tiger Lilies  

Pink Tiger Lilies
  • Pink Tiger Lilies, 2 bushes 
  • Birch Tree Bark Container, large 
  • Floral Foam, cut to fit container

1: Place floral foam in bottom of container. 

2: Position flower bushes in floral foam to hold in place. 

3: You may want to add vase filler to weight down the container; I just used acrylic ice rocks.Pink Tiger Lilies Items

2. Daisies & Lace

Purple Gerbera Daisies & Yellow Queen Anne's Lace
  • Purple Mini Gerbera Daisies, 1 bush 
  • Yellow Queen Anne’s Lace, 3 stem bundle
  • Purple Plastic Urn Vase, 7-inch

1: Separate the Queen Anne’s Lace stems.

2: Intermix 2 of the Queen Anne’s Lace stems with the Gerbera daisies at a slightly lower height.

3: Tie them all together with a zip-tie or wire twisty.

4: Bend ends to fit container.

Daisies & Lace Items

3. White Sunflowers

White Sunflowers
  • White Queen Anne’s Lace, 3 stem bundle
  • White Wild Sunflowers Spray
  • Short-Cut Ivory Pampas Grass, 2 stems
  • White Enamel Watering Can

1: Position the  Wild White Sunflowers spray behind the Queen Anne's Lace stems. We did not separate the 3 Queen Anne’s Lace stems.

2: Arrange the Lace around the Sunflowers and slightly lower.

3: Add 2 stems of Short-Cut Ivory Pampas Grass to the back.

4: Tie it together with a zip-tie or wire twisty to hold in place.

5: Bend and/or cut to fit container.White Sunflowers Items

4. Spring Flower Mix

Spring Flower MixNote: If you like the look of pampas grass (I do), foxtail is a great way to get the same soft, billowy aesthetic in fun size!
  • Pink Queen Anne’s Lace, 3 stem bundle
  • Pink Mini Gerbera Daisies, 1 bush
  • Yellow Forsythia, 1 bush
  • Light Green Clematis Leaf Spray
  • Foxtail Spray, 1 bunch
  • Gray Zinc Galvanized Watering Can

1: Add each flower one at a time starting with the Queen Anne’s Lace in front. We did not separate the 3 stems.

2: Next add the Mini Gerbera Daisies behind the Lace and just a little higher. Intermix each group as you go.

3: Add the Forsythia behind the Daisies and mix.

4: Insert the Clematis Leaf into the center and spread out to each side.

5: Add the foxtail last from behind.

6: Tie it all together with a zip-tie or wire twisty.

7: Bend and/or cut the stems to fit into container.

Spring Flower Mix Items

5. Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin Oranges
  • Mandarin Orange Tree Branch
  • Green Silk Wax Leaf Plant, 3 stem bundle
  • Birch Tree Bark Container, small

1: Separate Silk Wax Leaf Plant stems.

2: Position Wax Leaf stems along Mandarin Orange Branch at different heights.

3: Tie together with zip-tie or wire twisty.

4: Bend or cut to fit container.

5: Use vase filler to add weight to container. 

6: We added a little fake moss to the top to hide our vase filler (acrylic ice rocks).Mandarin Oranges Items

6. Easter Candy

Easter Candy
  • Glittered Blue Berries & Shiny Pink Balls Spray
  • Sugar Cookies & Sour-Tarts Poinsettias Spray (it’s ok, they bloom all year)
  • Fuzzy Pink Macarons Spray
  • Acrylic Pastel Pink Rocks

1: Tie the 3 stems together with a zip-tie or wire twisty with the Blue Berries & Pink Balls in front, then the Sugar Cookies & Sour-Tarts Poinsettias, and the Fuzzy Pink Macarons in back.

2: Adjust and position each element for balance.

3: Bend and/or cut stems to fit container; we just used an everyday glass cylinder vase.

4: Fill with pink acrylic rocks.Easter Candy Items

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Have fun and Happy Easter!

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