36" Oyster Shell Garland

36" Oyster Shells Cluster Garland

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Augment your beach & coastal themed decorating with the natural, rustic detail of oyster shells in this distinctive 3-foot cluster garland. This unique garland strand features a 6-inch loop for hanging and approximately 36 inches of real oyster shells clustered on sisal twine to bring the unrefined beauty of the ocean to your home, patio, or event decor. Holes are drilled through the end of each oyster shell to cluster them together for a thicker garland with more shells per inch.

  • Approximately 36" long (3 feet), plus 6" loop for hanging
  • Real oyster shells, 2-3 inches long each
  • Threaded on natural fiber cord
  • About 5 lbs (it's heavy)

This mollusk shell garland makes a handsome accent for a beach banquet, reception, dinner or party and for your coastal Christmas home decor.

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