Rustic Djembe Tribal Drum - 4 sizes
Rustic Djembe Tribal Drum - Design & Shade Varies

Rustic Djembe Tribal Drum - 4 sizes

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Decorate with rustic, lightly-distressed, tribal djembe drums to capture the spirit of the islands.

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Decorate with rustic, lightly-distressed, tribal drums to capture the ceremonial island spirit at your Hawaiian luau or tropical theme party. This handmade durable wooden djembe drum features a natural leather drumhead tied down with dark-stained natural cord.  

This drum, with an intricately hand carved base in a variety of countless abstract designs, is available in four sizes: 6-inches tall, 8-inches tall, 12-inches tall, and 16-inches tall.
  • 6-inch height:
    • Weighs approximately 7.5 oz
    • 6" tall with hand-carved base
    • Drum head, 4" diameter
    • Base, 3" diameter
  • 8-inch height:
    • Weighs approximately 10 oz
    • 8" tall with hand-carved base
    • Drum head, 5" diameter
    • Base, 3-1/2" diameter
  • 12-inch height:
    • Weighs approximately 1 lb, 10 oz
    • 12" tall with hand-carved base
    • Drum head, 6-1/2" diameter
    • Base, 4-1/2" diameter
  • 16-inch height:
    • Weighs approximately 2 lb, 7 oz
    • 16" tall with hand-carved base
    • Drum head, 7" diameter
    • Base, 5" diameter
  • Suwar (Raintree) wood, cowhide leather
  • Handmade: Exact size, shade and artwork varies
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Wood coloring and shades vary
  • Abstract designs vary with each drum and the drums pictured
Tune in to the primitive sounds and authentic, tribal look to capture the indigenous, ceremonial spirit of a tropical island.

DISCLOSURE:  These are handmade in Indonesia, complete with a countless variety of imperfect carvings and genuine leather drum heads with varying textures and shadowy furrows that may appear dirty.  But, these distinctive features are unique to genuine leather, a product that has been raised, not engineered.

In addition, your purchase will help the artisans, their families and their community. A portion of the proceeds is donated directly to the local community. Thank you for keeping the Artisan Spirit alive.

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