Fabric Money $  Bag With Drawstring - 2 sizes
Large "$" Money Bag

Fabric Money $ Bag With Drawstring - 2 sizes

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Fill your country western, Halloween, St Patrick's Day or pirate party with money bags stuffed with loot, money, or plastic gold coins. This cream-colored canvas bag features a large black dollar sign ($) on the front and back (2 sides) and includes a drawstring to keep your dough inside the bag.
  • Large: 
    • 16.5" tall x 10.5" wide
    • 2.35 oz weight
  • Small: 
    • 8" tall x 5.75" wide
    • 0.9 oz weight
    • 3.5" diameter round fabric base (for upright stability)
  • Cloth with rope drawstring
  • Dollar sign ($) in black on both sides
Feature this prop along with western gunslingers & bank robbers, Leprechauns or pirate treasure chests and stolen booty.

  • Cloth "$" money bag with drawstring looks just like the real thing in 2 sizes.
  • Unfortunately, money is not included, but stuff with paper and no one will be able to tell the difference.
  • Large: 16.5" x 10.5" 2.35 oz.; Small: 8" x 5.75" 0.9 oz.; Cloth with rope drawstring. Dollar sign ($) in black on both sides. Small size has a round base.
  • Iconic symbol of the gold rush and bank robberies of the wild west, use stuffed money bags for a Country Western party.
  • Use money sacks as gift & favor bags for your guests or fill with gold coin chocolates and hand out to partygoers.

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