Tropical High-lights

Ceiling Decorating Ideas for Tropical & Hawaiian Luau Themes

Decorate the ceiling and transform the room, we've put together some ideas to lift your thinking!

Make a dramatic impact when you fill all that lofty overhead space with a cohesive display of your tropical theme colors and motifs.

Here are some of our favorite ceiling hanging decorations to help inspire your Hawaiian luau & tropical themed party planning.

  Attach leaves to the end of tissue streamers in shades of green.

  Cultivate a garden of greenery on metal rings.

  Brighten the room with hanging garlands of flowers.

  Hoist green & brown round paper lanterns, tulle pom-poms, and/or large tropical leaves at varying heights.

  Liven up the scene with pineapples overhead.

  Hang out an assortment of new and/or vintage Hawaiian or tropical locale postcards on a clothesline.

  Suspend panama fedora hats & bare light bulbs for a Cuban or Havana theme.

  Dangle flip flops or string them together to create a garland.

  Make palm trees with leaf cutouts, brown coconut balloons, & hanging streamers as tree trunks.

  Float a collection of colorful parasols.

  Construct kissing balls from multi-colored drink umbrellas (So easy, just stick picks in a Styrofoam ball center).

For all occasions, large and small, the “wow” effect of hanging ceiling decorations creates a lasting impression that will turn ho-hum into spectacular.

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Have fun!

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