Magic Light Wand Remote Control & Receiver System
Magic Wand Remote Control & Receiver Set - Green

Magic Light Wand Remote Control & Receiver System

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Unfortunately, the Magic Light Wands will not be available this year due to ongoing production issues related to COVID-19. We are all very disappointed.

Channel your creative energy and power outlet with this enchanting Magic Light Wand Remote Control System. This festive scepter includes camouflaged ON and OFF buttons that light up a large gold star on the end of the wand and play a morceau of magical musical chimes, when pressed. 

Astoundingly, at the very same time, any electrical device or lights plugged into the receiver system (included) will turn ON or OFF with the associated button on the magic wand.
  • Wand: 14" tall x 1.5" diameter base
  • Gold Star Tip: 3.25" tall x 3.25" wide x 1" deep
  • Receiver: 
    • 4.75" long x 2.5" wide x 1.5" high
    • 7" long cord with a 3-prong male plug
    • 3-prong female outlet
    • Available in 3 frequencies
  • 13.6 oz package weight
  • Metal and plastic
  • Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
  • Available in 2 wand shaft colors: gold or green
Experience the magic of Christmas lights, summon spooky Halloween electronics, and enhance everyday life at home with one or more Magic Wands. 
Each Magic Wand and Receiver is available in one of three frequencies (A , B or C). Each "A" , "B" or "C" frequency receiver is controlled with the same frequency magic wand. If you would like multiple receiver outlets controlled with one magic wand, purchase the same frequency. Conversely, if you want each receiver outlet to be controlled by a different magic wand, purchase different frequencies. 

Orders are shipped with different frequencies, unless you request the same frequency; only three frequencies are available.

DISCLOSURE: We use our Magic Light Wand all-year round to turn the lights in the photo room on and off--and love it! However, we found that the corners of the decals on the wand shaft started to curl after about a month. We just super-glued ours back down, but wanted you to know before making a purchase. 

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