7" Numbered Lobster Buoy Coastal Christmas Ornament - Red

7" Numbered Wood Lobster Buoy With Handle (1) - 2 styles

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Accent your bar, table or coastal Christmas tree with this mini painted & numbered 7" wood lobster buoy with handle at your next nautical, beach, or ocean themed event. Display the distinctive seaside verve of this 7-inch miniature lobster and/or crab trap buoy replica, featuring a natural piece of rope through the top for hanging and available in blue & white, number 4052, or blue, red & white, number 072.
  • 1 count, sold individually
  • 7" long x 1.5" diameter
  • 1.6 oz weight
  • Painted wood with rope
Decorate tables at a lobster or crab boil, the bar at a nautical themed event or your coastal Christmas tree this holiday season.

To distinguish lobster and crab traps at the bottom of the ocean, each fisherman will use identical markings on all of his buoys, however no two lobstermen can have the same color scheme, pattern or numbers.

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