Paradise Pink Votive Candle - 15 hr, Unscented, Flared
Paradise Pink 15-Hour Unscented Votive Candle

Paradise Pink Votive Candle - 15 hr, Unscented, Flared

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Use paradise pink votive candles on a white background to make the color really pop.

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Use paradise pink votive candles on a white background to make the color really pop. With a 15 hr burn life, they are sure to last as long as the party! The warm soft glow of candlelight is our preferred choice for most party lighting.
  • Unscented, all vegetable wax
  • 15-hour burn time
  • Color-dipped*
  • 2" tall, 2.0 oz weight
  • Diameter: 1-3/8" base widens to 1-7/8" top
  • Sold individually
Best used in clear votive holders in high visibility locations.

Votive candles are also known as prayer candles, because their original use was as an  offering in a church or sacred place. "To light a candle" for someone means to say a prayer and light a votive candle for them.

TIP:  If your candles look a little dull and chalky, make them shiny and bright with just a small amount of cooking oil on a soft rag.

PLEASE NOTE:  Votive candles are not intended to be free standing.

The entire candle will melt into clear liquid oil when lit, therefore it is important to burn votives only in a tight-fitting, open-top holder. The space between the candle and holder should be 1/3-inch or less for optimal burn.

*Color-dipped votive candles are ideal for parties, weddings, receptions, and one-time events. 

Because all color votive candles melt into a clear liquid while burning, color-dipped candles offer an economical alternative by using colored wax on the outside only.

Note that if you plan to reuse the candle, the melted clear liquid oil will harden to white wax when it cools.

  • Paradise Pink, 15-hour, unscented, 2" tall votive candle.
  • Use the soft (and flattering) indirect glow of votive candlelight at your next party or intimate rendezvous.
  • 2"H x 1-3/8" base diameter widening to 1-7/8" top diameter; approximately 2.0 oz weight.
  • Color-dipped, all vegetable wax, sold individually.
  • NOTE: Votive candles are not free-standing and must be burned in a tight-fitting, open-top holder. Sold separately.

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