Plastic Pirate's Buried Treasure Map

12" X 18" Plastic Pirate Treasure Map and/or Placemat

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Devise a pirate party plan that includes one or more plastic simulated treasure maps, made to look like aged parchment paper with scorched edges. The faded coloring and animated map, features a circuitous route where a red X marks the spot of the buried treasure. 

The secret path starts at the ocean's edge and leads through palm trees, around mountains and by a human skull to end at a chest full of gold coins.
  • 18" x 12"
  • 0.4 oz weight
  • Durable plastic
  • Textured back prevents slipping
  • Ages 3-116 years

The textured back and 18" x 12" size make these treasure maps the perfect size for a pirate party place mats.

  • A red "X" marks the spot on this plastic pirate's buried treasure map.
  • Simulated aged parchment paper & scorched edges, reveals the route to the pirate's buried booty of gold coins.
  • Featuring a circuitous route by scary Skull Mountain and through palm trees, the map shows, land, water, a pirate ship & a compass rose.
  • 18" x 12"; 0.4 oz; durable plastic; for ages 3-116 years.
  • What's a pirate party without a treasure map? Also, makes a cute placemat, once you get the rolled up curl out.

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