Red & Black Plaid #40 Premium Fabric Ribbon (20 yards)
2.5" Red & Black Plaid Fabric Ribbon (20 yards)

Red & Black Plaid #40 Premium Fabric Ribbon (20 yards)

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Just For Christmas
Embellish your Christmas and winter lodge themed decor with a mark of rugged outdoorsiness when you include red & black plaid #40 premium fabric ribbon. A cherished staple of American lodge and cabin decor, this 2.5" wide 100% polyester fabric ribbon with sewn wired edges features 20 yards of red & black plaid on both sides.
  • 20 yards long x 2.5" wide
  • 9.5 oz weight 
  • 100% polyester fabric, wired edges
Nothing says welcome to my camping, fishing, hunting, lumberjack, and Christmas lodge themed events better than good ol' red & black plaid. 

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