Underwater Cave DIY in 10 Steps

Explore the ocean depths from your foyer, bar, or living room at your next nautical, under the sea, or ocean themed event with this simple DIY underwater cave backdrop on any wall.

Our underwater cave is 8 feet wide x 3.5 feet tall, but it is easy to adjust the size and shape to fit any space.

Materials Used

  • Fabric or paint, solid black wall covering (8.5 feet tall x 9.5 feet wide)
  • Fabric
    • Satin, 96 x 42 inches, aqua
    • Glittered tulle
      • Turquoise, 96 x 42 inches
      • Pale blue, 96 x 42 inches
    • Felt, black
      • 84 x 24 inches, 1 piece
      • 54 x 18 inches, 2 pieces
  • Push-pins, clear or black (if possible)
  • Acrylic paint, black (optional)

Step 1: Clear 9.5 foot wide x 8.5 foot tall wall space.

  Step 2: Cover area with black fabric or paint.

Step 3: Center aqua satin for cave opening and pin to the wall.

Step 4: Cover aqua satin with turquoise glittered tulle and pin.

Step 5: Create sun rays with the pale blue glittered tulle.
  • Select a point on the long edge about 1/3 of the length from the end.
  • Pin this point at the top of the satin such that the short portion will extend all the way to the side.
  • Pin the end of the short portion to the side at an angle from the top point.
  • Pin the end of the long portion to the bottom at an angle to the top point in the opposite direction.
  • Make folds in the tulle to create additional sun rays between the two sides; pin them at the edge of the satin.
  • Cut off excess tulle along the bottom.

  Step 6: Cut the 84-inch long black felt lengthwise down the center in a wavy, irregular line to create 2 pieces to make the top and bottom of the cave opening.

Step 7: Center one piece of the cut 84-inch long felt over the top edge of the satin and pin. Then flip the other piece over horizontally and pin at the bottom edge of the satin.

Step 8: Pin one of the 54 x 18 inch felt pieces at either side of the cave opening and cut an irregular line to merge with the inner edges of the top and bottom felt pieces. Repeat for the other side.

Step 9: Optionally, dab a spot of black paint on the push-pins to hide.

Step 10: Optionally, add sharks, fish, coral, mermaids, and/or plants to your underwater cave scene.

Backdrops and vistas are a great way to set the mood and make a big impression that guests will remember.

Have fun!

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