31" Intricate Glittered Fan-Coral Pick/Spray - Aqua

31" Intricate Glittered Fan-Coral Pick/Spray - Aqua

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Refine your ocean-themed party decorating, flower arrangements, and coastal Christmas tree with stunning appeal when you include the aqua color & intricate detail of one or more of these 31" glittered fan-coral picks/sprays. Dusted with shimmering teal glitter and mounted on bendable wire wrapped in blue-green tape, this creative 31" sea life reproduction is made with stiff aqua-colored netting to recreate the highly branched skeleton of fan coral.
  • 31" tall, 7 fan corals
  • Fan coral: Approximately 4.5" wide x 4" tall
  • 2.2 oz weight
  • Plastic, wire, tape
Include this intricate glittered fan-coral pick/spray to enhance sea life arrangements, marine backdrops, ocean-themed centerpieces and coastal Christmas trees.

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