Wood Pirate Chest - Front View

19" Carved Wood Pirate Treasure Chest - Large

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Available in 3 sizes:
Small: 13.5" wide x 9"tall
Medium: 17" wide x 11" tall
Large: 19" wide x 14.5" tall
Ahoy maties! Store away your buccaneer booty, plunder, and loot in sea-faring, swashbucklin' style with a 19" carved wood pirate treasure chest (large). Classically designed in the style of a 19th century barrel-stave trunk, this lightweight, wood pirate treasure chest is stained dark brown inside & out with horizontal slats and a dome-top and features a carved pirate skull & crossbones with a black eyepatch & red bandana on the top and all 4 sides. Available in 3 sizes.Fill this ultimate pirate party coffer with jewels & gems, gold & silver beads, pearl necklaces, gold coins & doubloons, goblets & gold bars. Also, use the pirate treasure chest to store toys, keepsakes, or mini money bags full of chocolate gold coins & party favors for a treasure hunt.

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