Explore more past, present and future unexplained mysteries of the universe and create an out-of-this-world supernatural themed party, 

For inspiration, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite decorating ideas for these religion and pseudoscience paranormal party themes:
  • Religion
    • Greek Gods & Goddesses
    • 7 Deadly Sins
    • Voodoo On The Bayou
    • Bible Characters
    • Come As You Were (Reincarnation)
    • Priests & Nuns/Catholic School
    • Superstitions, Omens & Luck
  • Pseudoscience
    • Astrology/Horoscope/Zodiac
    • Fortune Telling/Psychic/Clairvoyance


Greek Gods & Goddesses (alt. Roman): Summon the gods & goddesses of Greek mythology to convene above the clouds for a feast of divine nectar and ambrosia (no humans allowed). 

• Decorate with simulated marble columns, statues, urns, planters, and fountains
• Use white fabrics to tent the ceiling, drape walls, and swag doorways
• Frame and accent with gold lame fabric and ivy garland
• Have guests dress as their favorite Greek/Roman god or goddess, wearing togas, chitons, peploi, and tunics with sandals 
• Spray paint plastic plates, goblets, grapes, leaves, picture frames and decorations metallic gold 
• Make a bar using column pedestals as supports
• Use god motifs: lightning bolts, winged boots, tridents & scepters 
• Add velvet highlights in blue (Greek) or burgundy (Roman) 
• Low couches, chaise lounges, pillows and floor seating
• Make fluffy white clouds with cotton batting and paper lanterns 
• Lavish buffet including grapes, olives, cheeses, & artisan breads 
• Serve wine and beverages from stoneware pitchers 
• Make invitations & signs using parchment paper with Greek/Roman lettering 

7 Deadly Sins: Explore lustful pleasure, over-indulgence, vanity, desire, rage, shiftlessness and materialism in sinful ambiance and decor.

• Dress as your “favorite” sin: Greed, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride or Gluttony 
• Decorate rooms or areas, hors d'oeuvres, and drinks for each sin
 o Pride: mirrors, trophies, awards, blue ribbons, makeup vanity with cosmetics, syringes labeled "Botox"
 o Gluttony: Overflowing, multi-tiered food buffet, chocolate or champagne fountain, tablecover/fabric with pictures of food
 o Greed: Money, gold bars & coins, diamonds/jewels, money bags, gold & silver spray-painted plastic items, Wall Street sign 
 o Sloth: Unkempt room, pillow floor seating, hookah in the center, an unmade bed 
 o Wrath: Bloody murder crime scene or hell scene with red overhead light and the devil present
 o Lust: Pink overhead light, sex toys, lingerie, glass vase of condoms, call girl/male escort ads, handcuffs, whip, blow-up doll 
 o Envy: Turn up the IQ by creating an invitation only closed door VIP Only area
  - Use a green overhead light
  - Slide show projection of the rich & famous
  - Serve premium hors d’oeuvres 
  - Glowing green cocktails
  - Elaborate photo booth (throne, props, celebrity cut-outs)
  - Party favors/gift bag
  - Restrict entry to a few guests at a time by handing out green VIP pins/badges upon entry
  - Rules: After entry, instruct guests that they can only, 1) ask non-VIPS if they have been invited, 2) only comment/description is that "It's fabulous!" and/or pictures from the photo booth
  - Invite guests in order of their interest/desire/envy, leaving the less interested guests until last (cultivating envy over the course of the evening)
• For a dinner party, serve a course/tasting and/or cocktail for each sin
• End with a mock midnight mass 

Voodoo On the Bayou: A black magic party in the Big Easy style of New Orleans Voodoo. 

• Line the entrance with skulls and/or shrunken heads on stakes, torches, tombstones, alligators, snakes, and hanging Spanish moss and vines
• Lay down reclaimed wood planks to make a boardwalk through the swamp
• Make a Voodoo witch doctor top hat with skulls, bones & feathers
• Add peering eyes in windows, weathered plantation shutters, and bushes by placing glow sticks in paper towel rolls with eyes cut-out
• Decorate the interior with spider webs, nets, feathers, burlap, black cheesecloth tablecovers, coffins, and skeletons
• Hang Voodoo dolls made from Barbie dolls with white faces, X'd out eyes 
• Give skull party beads as favors 
• Accent with dripping wax candles in wine bottles and candelabras 
• Potion bottles, old “spell” books, alligator and animal heads/skulls 
• Apothecary jars of ingredients: fingers, eyeballs, body parts, snakes, newts, bats, worms
• Make labels out of aged parchment paper 
• Mix a batch of green "Swamp Water" punch
• Place the punch bowl inside a larger bowl with dry ice
• Add dried apple shrunken heads  
• Make eyeball garnishes from lychee nuts
• Include New Orleans decor:
 o Bourbon Street and Jazz accents
 o Black & white damask and harlequin patterns
 o Fleur-de-lis motifs 
 o Serve shrimp, crawfish, beignets and cajun fare• Gypsy/fortune teller table with tarot cards and Ouija board
• Light with green or orange light bulbs in overhead or accent lighting 
• Make weathered wood signs out of foam board, Here's how: how-to-make-fake-wood-grain-texture

Bible Characters: Call together the colorful characters of the Bible in your own creation of a familiar setting inspired by the world's best selling book.

• Bible characters: Use a heaven theme for food and decorations and have everyone come as their favorite bible character. 
• Create a party scene inspired from:
 o The Garden of Eden: Indoors or out with lots of flowers, foliage and fruit, some "his" and "hers" references and a snake.
 o Noah’s Ark: Zoo, barnyard and jungle animals with an aquatic twist.
 o Under the Red Sea: Add a few biblical references and dead soldiers to your everyday underwater theme.
 o The Last Supper: A toga dinner party with jugs of wine and Mediterranean fare.

Come As You Were (Reincarnation): Bring history to life with a consortium of pre-transmigration characters of the past.

• Decorate and serve drinks & food for your VIP group with: 
 o An eclectic mix of items from the past: Ancient to retro
 o A specific time period, e.g. Caveman, Ancient Rome,  Medieval, Early America, etc.
• Hang portraits of famous dead people 
• Guests come as a dead character from the past:
 o Keep the identity a secret and make a name/description tag for their character and pin facing backwards
 o Have your guests stay in character during the party  
 o After a couple of hours have all guests solve the mystery of each character one at a time 
 o Make a timeline for each guest to write-in the time period of their character 

Priests & Nuns/Catholic School: Break all the rules and create your own sacrilegious experience with a heretical tribute to all things Catholic.

• Set-up a St. Joseph's altar food buffet
• Mix bells tolling into the music playlist 
• Serve grape Jell-o shots for communion 
• Decorate with crucifixes, rosary beads, chalices, bells & church related accents
• Hang images of saints; use Miracle prayer candles for lighting 
• Dress as priests, nuns, monks, and/or Catholic school uniforms 

Superstitions, Omens & Luck: Flout superstition and press your luck with a parade of baseless beliefs, charms of chance, and ominous omens. 

• Alternate theme: Good Luck! (farewell)
• Host on Friday the 13th, if possible 
• Hang open umbrellas upside down from the ceiling
• Have guests walk under a ladder to enter 
• Decorate with playing cards, horseshoes, and four leaf clovers
• Feature wishbone, ladybug, and pineapple motifs
• Highlight 8-balls, the Ace of spades, crows/ravens, laughing Buddhas, broken mirrors, shooting stars, slot machines and an elephant with the trunk up 
• Use the numbers 7, 13 and 666
• Fill glass bowls and or vases, each with dice, cat's eye marbles, buckeyes, pennies, or rabbit's feet
• Optionally, add candles
• Place hats on the bed(s) 
• Mail invitations in red envelopes
• Pass shamrock/clover party beads as favors 
• Affix a black cat silhouette on the front door at ground level 
• Serve 7 lucky food hors d'oeuvres;
 o Greens e.g. collard greens or spinach
 o Beans e.g. black-eyed peas or lentils
 o Noodles/Grains e.g. soba noodles or cornbread
 o Round fruit e.g. grapes or pomegranate 
 o Pork e.g. pork loin or bacon
 o Fish e.g. pickled herring or sardines
 o Cake e.g. chocolate


Astrology/Horoscope/Zodiac: Venerate the divine enlightenment obtained through the interpretation of the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

• Hang gold stars and crescent moons at varying heights 
• Make a sun focal point in the center of the room; orange & yellow fabric or streamers on the ceiling radiating from the center 
• Decorate party zones by zodiac elements and feature the 3 related signs in each area. For example:
 o Entrance & hallways: Air with signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius e.g. Make clouds from paper lanterns and cotton
 o Bar: Fire with signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, e.g. Create flames with tissue, streamers or cutouts
 o Party Area & bathroom: Water with signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, e.g. Cover windows with blue cellophane & hang fish
 o Food Area: Earth with signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, e.g. Use printed grass table covers or fake grass runners
• Serve foods for each element, Earth: Plants, Fire: Spicy, Water: Fish, Air: Fowl 
• Use black tulle on the walls with mini and/or fairy lights 
• Use sunflower(s) as a centerpiece 
• Paint the inside of mason jars with glitter glue, add metallic gold confetti and shake. When dry, add flameless tealights 
• Have guests dress as their zodiac sign 
• Make a wall of framed characteristics for each sign; for a dinner or small party, let each guest read their characteristics and let others decide if it fits

Fortune Telling/Psychic/Clairvoyance: We foresee an unbelievably fun occurrence and unforgettable happening in your future. 

• Decorate in the style of traveling Bohemian gypsies
• Use lots of jewel colors: turquoise, purple, orange and pink with metallic gold accents  
• Create a round table for readings by layering a black sheet and purple tulle with gold stars & moons; then add:
 o Crystal ball
 o Tarot cards
 o Ouija board
 o 8-balls
• Include vintage-style jewel-colored glasses, goblets, and apothecary bottles
• Burn incense and candles
• Decorate the walls with boho (bohemian) curtains and/oir strips of brightly colored, busy fabrics 
• Tent the ceiling with colored swaths of fabric or sheets 
• Frame a palm reading chart, tea leaf meanings, & top gypsy curses 
• Make a garland/banner from tarot cards
• Drape furniture and tables with patterned throws, purple velvet, tapestry and brightly colored fabrics • Incorporate an eclectic mix of vintage items
• Add oriental and/or bright colored & patterned throw rugs and pillows 
• Use prayer flags and/or jewel toned pennant flags 
• String white mini and/or fairy lights and use red or orange bulbs in porch and overhead lights
• Make gypsy lanterns painted with colorful diluted acrylic paint and decorated with metallic gold paint and rhinestones 
• Stack vintage-style suitcases and old books
• Scatter amulets, jewels, cameos, and gold coins 
• Cover lampshades with scarves
• Draw out a magic circle 
• Hang beaded curtains in doorways
• Add tassels, gold ribbon and/or beads to hanging paper lanterns 
• Have colorful patterned scarves, worn top hats and beads for guests to wear 
• Bang on a pot or tambourine to announce dinner, introduce the fortune-teller or make a toast 
• Serve wine and/or beverages from jugs
• Fill a vase or bowl with fortune cookies

Have you attended or hosted a pseudoscience or religion themed party? Tell us about your super-original supernatural party decorating ideas!



Date 3/12/2018

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